How many different ways can I wear a scarf?

5447732257_d05d009d2b_zMany of us really think that you have to have a long neck to be able to wear a scarf in so many different ways but it’s not true.  Now that Spring is around the corner there are going to be days when you feel like you are in between outfits not too cold and not too hot.  When I found this video, I was completely thrilled because I got too learn myself new ways to tie a scarf.

A scarf can really change an outfit so have fun and learn some new tricks!

What to expect for Pre-fall 2014

vc shoeAre you thinking about Fall yet?  Winter has not technically left us yet and tomorrow marks the first day of Spring.  Now they are even predicting a Spring snowstorm! I just hope that the weather people are wrong and that the snow gets diverted.    This has been the worst winter for a very long time.  We did not get a break well maybe just once.  So, you must be thinking that I am crazy for looking at Fall 2014? But, I always like to look ahead and see what will be the newest trends that will be either a hit or fail.

  1.  Lavender as one of the colors to watch out for actually really surprised me.  Usually, lavender is used for summer or spring, but like I always say that there are no set of rules in Fashion.  Don’t be fooled with this color because it’s subtle and feminine at the same time.
  2. Plaid is from the 90s but it seems like it’s never going to go away.  The new trend is plaid on top of plaid.  If done right, it can look very nice but I can see this being worn the wrong way on so many levels.
  3. Fringes: When I think of fringes, I think of the 70s.  During that time you saw fringes everywhere.  I remember that I wanted this purse with fringes and I was too little to get that purse.  My mom was so strict with me and what I could or could not wear.  I didn’t understand it then but now that I am a mom too, I totally understand.  Allowing your kids to dress older than their own age in my opinion you are not allowing them to be kids.
  4. Gauchos pants are three quarter length hem pants for this spring.  The difference is that now they are adding high-waisted gauchos.
  5. Puffed up sleeves.  I would have never imagined this returning but it did come back.  If you are going for a historical look or folkloric then get a puffed up sleeve

How would you wear these new trends? I want to hear all about it.

Are you ready for a change in your life?

6819401444_7b4a9325b8_zLife can really change in a blink of an eye.  It can be a good change or it could be a change for the worst.  A change can be like you’re having a baby, getting married or moving to a different state.  Have you been telling yourself that it is time to leave your job or end a bad relationship with someone you have no future with?   Maybe you find yourself in a place where you know that you won’t be able to move forward because of the location.

Sometimes you could just be bored, drained or just plain tired of the same old  routine.  Life changes can be exciting; so if you don’t know how or where to start then just think of something that you have always wanted to do and just do it.  Don’t think about it too much because no one will give you what you want in life.  You have to go and get it yourself and that is applicable to anything like getting that promotion that you have wanted for the past two years.    You have to show enthusiasm and passion in order for someone to see and notice how much you really want that new position.

Perhaps you just need to add something new to your life.  You can add a favorite hobby, travel or starting a new business.  And those are things that you can start locally and if it still doesn’t work for you then maybe it is time to change scenery.

Dare to go for  your dream and take small steps.  Every moment that you take, make it special.  There is a saying that is spreading around, “YOLO”.  It means You Only Live Once.  So go after your dream, be daring and courageous!


How to stop sibling rivalry

Day 252 - Sibling RivalsEver since my daughter turned two years old, she really did learn how to annoy my son and even poke him at times.  She knows how to push his buttons and take all his toys.  I am surprised that rivalry starts so early.  I always thought that it would start when they were at least 5 years old, but not in my house. They are both always taking each other toys, screaming at each other, chasing each other and annoying each other.  My four year old is already asking me for mommy time and wants to be alone with me so that my daughter doesn’t interrupt playtime.  So how do we deal with all this brother-sister drama at this young age?

1.  Explain yourself.  Don’t just correct them and walk away.  It’s important to take the time to explain yourself why you are correcting them so they can learn what they are doing wrong.  I know it sounds easy but it’s really hard to do when your kids are not listening to you and you just want them to stop misbehaving.

2.  Pay special attention to your kids individually.  Every sibling fights for the parents attention so just take a moment to create those special moments with each sibling at a time.  It’s hard to do when they are both screaming at you because they want to play but if you take a minute to play with the both of them plus individual time they won’t feel jealous.

3.  Kids shadow everything that you do so be an example to your kid.  That means if you have a sibling and you constantly fight with yours then your kids would think it’s normal for them to fight because you do it.  Be an example and show your kids that no matter what the differences are that you still love your brother or sister and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Believe me, I do not have the answers for everything because I am still learning so much of parenthood.  But I do know that actions always speak louder than words.  If you want your kids to respect, then respect others.  You want your kids to help then help others. We make the difference in our kids and it starts with us first.

Let me know your thoughts.

How to wear a vest for Spring 2014

4710849420_2cfe97b542The 90s are back with a vengeance for Spring 2014 with vests being another trend that we will be seeing.  How to wear a vest for Spring 2014? It could be an oversized vest or a blazer vest that can be worn a lot of different ways.  You have to be careful how you wear it because it could be flattering or unflattering too.  Try on different options before you settle down to get one particular vest.  There could be printed vests and black and white vests that are like a Suno style.

Vests can be a layering piece that can create funky flair to your wardrobe. And if you are crafty, you can even add your own rebellious self expression.  Are you looking for an outfit that is not as sophisticated but casual?  One that looks great over dresses or paired with a mini skirt.  Leather vests can be a sexy piece to own but don’t go for a regular black color.  Choose any color but black; this can pop your outfit more and give you an edgier look.

What would you pair your vest with? A mini skirt or shorts?



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Why are wide shoes hard to find?


Photo credit: Carmen Martinez

Believe it or not finding cute wide shoes is really tough, at least I have been told by one of my dearest friends.  They have such a hard time that they actually requested I write a post on finding a cute pair of wide shoes.  The funny thing is that finding the right pair of shoes can sometimes be challenging but when you have wide feet it becomes even harder to find.  Here are a few pointers when shopping:

1.  If your feet are wide, always ask a sales person if that style comes in a wide width.  Many stores now have their styles online so if you don’t see it at the store make sure to look online for that style. Perhaps you might have better luck checking online.

2.  The best time to shop for shoes is in the evening or late afternoon.  Because your feet swell up towards the end of the day after a long day, you will be able to see if the shoe fits perfectly.

3.  Make sure to eliminate old shoes because they can really strain foot muscles, ankle sprains or make you slip.  I notice that shoes that were once comfortable are not as comfortable anymore so that’s how I know I need a new pair of shoes.

Now the question is where can you shop for wide shoes? Don’t completely rule out online.  I know that many women like to shop at the stores to try them on and see how they feel but now many online stores give the opportunity to return without any hassles.  Here are my top choices:

1. Amazon has everything and now it has shoes! Try shopping for shoes there as well and let me know your experience.

2.  Jessica London: They have great shoes assortment as well.  It is for plus size women but they have cute shoes for wide feet.

3.  Zappos: they have endless number of wide shoes to choose from so check out which shoe is right for you.

4.  Payless has wide shoes that are on trend.  The quality is not the best but they are inexpensive.  As long as you toss them out at the end of the season.

Now there is no excuse to find a good pair of shoes!! Have some fun in shopping and if you could send me a picture of your latest find, I would love to hear it!

Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City launches a new accessory line

4735933924_202256be79Were you obsessed with Sex and the City? If you were in love with Sarah Jessica Parkers style, then you will be happy to hear that she just started her own accessory line.  She is collaborating with no other than shoe genius George Malkeums, president of Manolo Blahnik.  It only makes sense to work with one of the hottest shoes in the market.  I mean, really, who does not want to own a pair of Manolo’s.  You must be insane if you don’t want to own a pair!

Her line will be exclusive for Nordstrom and I can’t wait to see it.  I know that she will bring a sense of elegance and femininity to each pair.  All of her shoes are made in Italy so you know they will be made with quality and care.  As you know, it really matters where the shoes are made because of the quality you get, this makes all the difference in the world.  In my opinion, the construction of the shoes also speaks volumes.  If the shoe is made right, then it will feel like you are walking in heaven.  The lower the quality then the worst the construction.  You get my point.  Invest a little more on a great pair of shoes!

I am super excited to see her shoe line and see what she will bring to the table.  What will make her shoe line different? How will she change the shoe line? I can’t wait to get Carried away! lol

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