Are thrift stores your number one choice to buy clothes for your kids?

Do you like to shop at thrift stores for kids clothes? or do you prefer buying clothes from a department store? I would love to hear how you prefer to shop as a parent.  Does it even make a difference where you shop or do you always like to be on trend?

I wanted to do a poll to see how parents like to buy clothes for their kids.  Based on this poll, I would be interested to see what parents like to choose as their number one choice to shop.

How often do you purchase second hand clothes for your kids?
Once a week
Twice a week
Once a month
Twice a month
All of the above

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Would you find value in having an option for purchasing a complete outfit for your child in one spot?
Above average
Lowest average
None of the above

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How much do you spend on an outfit for your kids?
All of the above

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  • daisy

    I haven’t shopped at thrift stores for my son because he received so many baby clothing gifts. Now that he is older, I’d love to visit one because we aren’t over-gifted in clothing anymore.

    • Shirley Eliza Martinez

      We were Over gifted as well, and for her 1st birthday I asked for clothes in sizes 2 and up. Now She gets clothes sent to her for fashion posts. Life of a Mommy “Digital Influencer”

  • Shirley Eliza Martinez

    i love thrift stores and consignment shops

  • Michelle F.

    I haven’t been to one yet because there aren’t any that i know of in my neighborhood. I will have to venture out and find one. I have heard from friends who have found some good stuff.

  • Laura B

    So far we have not shopped at a thrift store but that is only because this is our first baby and everyone gives us clothing as gifts! We are definitely not opposed to thrift shopping since kids are only in their clothes for a relatively short amount of time. It is a great way to save some money.