Are you obsessed with shopping that you just cannot resist?

7975623630_167713e489Now that January is here and there is no more Black Friday or Christmas sales, what kind of deals do shoppers look for at this time? Are you obsessed with shopping that you just cannot resist? It is really the best month to shop for merchandise that didn’t sell for Christmas or during the post-Christmas sales.  It really is merchandise that you probably won’t be using anymore but can’t  resist to buy it because it’s just too good to pass.

I remember shopping at Macy’s right after the holidays and just buying at least three items to take home with me because I just could not pass on a sale.  Those same styles ended up in the back of my closet never to be seen again.  If you are an impulse shopper like me, then you may have the same issues when you go out shopping.  I have gotten better over the years but you really have to know and understand that you can get better deals throughout the year and it really won’t mean anything if you pass up on this one sale.

Shoppers who are always looking out for sales and are obsessed with shopping always end up spending more money than people who are not looking for sales.  So I started to think, what makes me do the things I do when I go out shopping.

1.  Don’t be that last to know about the sale.  That was always my fear that I didn’t want to miss out on this sale.  How did I overcome it? I used to get coupons but I removed myself from the list.  The less you know the better it is so that you won’t get tempted.

2.  Competition can be toxic.  Now that social media is involved in our lives we can see what others are talking about and what their recent purchases are.  This creates a little bit of competition because now you want what the other person bought and you want to make it better.

3.  Are you really spending or saving? This is the question that you should really be asking yourself.  But we all know that the answer is when you shop you don’t really save.  You are spending money and that’s the bottom line.

Shopping can be fun but it’s how you budget that makes a difference.  Before making the purchase, make sure to pause and ask yourself it you really need this item? But who are we kidding, when you want something you always answer to that yes.  Instead, really think if you will be using it and is it helping you save money to go on that special vacation you always dreamed of.

What are your thoughts?





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