Are you ready to dress for autumn?

Fall TreesAs summer comes to an end, I think that many would agree with me that our favorite time of the year is fall.  It’s the time when all the trees changes colors and we can go apple picking and eat pumpkin pie.  My favorite thing to do is to wear boots.  If you are a boot lover like me, then you can agree with me that Fall is the only time that you get excited to wear boots and not have to worry about the snow damaging your favorite boots.  Now that autumn is unofficially here, do you have clothes to keep you warm throughout this season? Did you line up your clothes and see what you have in stock and what you are missing?

Here are a few tips:

1. Organize: Make sure to take inventory of what you have in your closet for the winter.  You can replace whatever clothes that got beaten with last winter but make sure you don’t just toss a shirt out because there is a button missing.  Shirts can be reused in so many different way.  You can use a shirt under a sweater thus creating a new look.  Be creative but don’t be cheap either.

2.  Jackets/ Coats: Finding the perfect jacket for your body type can be a little tricky.  The purpose of the jacket is to keep you warm and that’s a challenge because sometimes the ones that keep you warm can be on the ugly side while the pretty ones can be too thin and does not fulfill it’s purpose to keep you warm.  My tip is that if you really like a thin jacket, then you just have to make sure to layer.  As long as you layer, then you will be fine to wear the jacket.

3.  Scarves: I love scarves because they keep you warm and you can look fashionable too.  They come in all types of styles and colors and they look great in anything that you wear.

4.  Boots: This item should have been the first on the list but considering that many people are not addicted to shoes like me then we will leave it at number four.  lol.  Boots can keep you warm but it can really give a nice touch to an outfit..  A pair of tan boots with your favorite jeans is always a must-have outfit in my book.

5.  Long sleeve tees: It is not a favorite for many women but in those cold days that you just want to be comfortable and warm then a tee is your best bet.

Putting together an outfit can be challenging but planning it is a win situation.  You can even purchase board and have them in your room for perfect outfits.


Have fun this autumn and enjoy your fall colors!  xoxo



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  • reesa l

    I need to organize my closet ASAP and the kid’s too. As much as I love the summer, I am looking forward to boot weather!

  • Elisebet F

    Great list! We actually have a lot of our fall and winter clothes in storage, so I’ll have to pull them out soon. I’m also a big fan of boots!