Aren’t kids clothes supposed to be for kids?

For some reason every time I visit the store for baby clothes or kids clothes, I always see that the designs are getting more and more mature by the minute. Why are the designers focusing on making the kids look older than what they are supposed to? It’s no wonder that young girls who are ten or even eleven years old look like they are teenagers when they are not.

Nowadays you can easily confuse an eleven year old girl for a thirteen year girl. It’s not only the culture that is making the girls mature quicker but it’s also the clothes as well. Why is no one speaking out about this issue and try to make changes to what is happening all around us? These young girls already have the pressure from society to be pretty but also to dress fashionable.

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  • Michelle…

    The issue started long time ago.  Not with trying to make young girls look older, but by defacing women in general.  When you see the clothing that have been designed for us, it is like the intention is to entice men.  The low clivage, shorts that look panties and t-shirts that seems to be for a swiming suit contest.  But at the end, it seems that what matters is how it makes me feel and look.  At the end of the day, perverted men like what they see and designers make money.  Here you have my two cents.  Signed Michelle…..

    • charisbydesign

      Thank you for your comment. This is an issue that makes me sad but I know that it will not go away. Actually I think it is only going to get worse but I can only hope for the best.