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How to use Youtube makeup tutorials

How do you know which video will be informative to learn new beauty tips? How much time will it take to cover acne, perfecting outlining the lips to many more without spending hours and hours looking through each video?  It is amazing that now we can learn it all through youtube videos.

Here are some of the best videos that I have come across that has helped me:

1.  How to cover Acne with foundation- This video will help you get flawless finish to cover up blemishes, cystic pimple and balancing out the skin tone.  (Jessica Harlow)

2.  How to create amazing eyebrows- Do you suffer from thin eyebrows like me?  Then if you watch this video you will end up with gorgeous , symmetrical set armed with a few brushes with brow gel, and concealer.  Watch Julia of MissChievous.

3.  How to create the smoky look- Do you have a party or a wedding and want that perfect smoky look? Then this tutorial is the one for you.

These are my top three videos.  Hope they help you as much as they helped me.


Aren’t kids clothes supposed to be for kids?

For some reason every time I visit the store for baby clothes or kids clothes, I always see that the designs are getting more and more mature by the minute. Why are the designers focusing on making the kids look older than what they are supposed to? It’s no wonder that young girls who are ten or even eleven years old look like they are teenagers when they are not.

Nowadays you can easily confuse an eleven year old girl for a thirteen year girl. It’s not only the culture that is making the girls mature quicker but it’s also the clothes as well. Why is no one speaking out about this issue and try to make changes to what is happening all around us? These young girls already have the pressure from society to be pretty but also to dress fashionable.

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