Best coconut oil for hair treatment

Coconut oil has been used to moisturize hair for decades. This oil helps your hair retain moisture and makes your hair stronger. The misconception that many people have about coconut oil is that it moisturizes but what it really does is to prevent hair from losing protein and prevents breakage.  The best coconut oil for hair can be coconut cooking oil or hair products that have coconut oil inside the product.
I came across using coconut cooking oil one day when my hair was completely damaged and I wanted to use something that was natural. It amazed me how great the product worked.

It is my suggestion to mix your favorite conditioner with the coconut oil and you will see an amazing change with your hair. Another reason why coconut oil is great is for its vitamin E. For years, Vitamin E has been a resource to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and soft.
Coconut oil has also shown to reduce and prevent hair loss. It reduces protein loss in hair and heals hair follicles; this is what keeps you from losing hair. If you also implement hair massage, it will help circulate the blood in your scalp to help with hair growth.

Remember that some shampoos can strip away all oils and moisture. Using coconut oil to condition your hair at least twice a week can nourish your hair and reduce split ends as well.

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