Best fantasy makeup design tutorials

There is a true sense of artistry with fantasy makeup design. It can be stunning, interesting, and can definitely give your friends something to talk about.  Most people use fantasy makeup design to get some much needed attention, to make a grand entrance, or for Halloween.  Whatever the reason, it can be really fun and give you lots of buzz in a party.  Fantasy makeup goes far beyond just eye makeup; it can include jewels, feathers, and other accessories.

1.  Jewels are a great way to create a stunning look.  You can add jewels on your eyelids, forehead and even extend it out to several directions to give it that fantasy look.


2.  Foliage makeup: I have seen some beautiful creations with flower designs on the face.  A flower extending from the eyes is absolutely breathtaking.  The tutorial that completely blew me away is the fairy video.  It was absolutely amazing and very original.

3. Gothic look: every now and then the trend for gothic reappears. There are so many ways to recreate this look; even just adding forest green eye or vinyl blackberry lip can give a different look to an outfit.  I have had my share of fun with this look.  It’s all about having fun and making the look your own.

It is all about transforming yourself into a fantasy that you have always wanted to create. Have fun!

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