Beyonce superbowl show lip sync?

The joke on Beyonce now was if she was going to lip sync or not? And I was extremely happy to know that she did, in fact, sing live and did a phenomenal job! She became the queen of the superbowl halftime for 2013.   It was absolutely an amazing performance and the fact that she brought back Destiny’s Child was A-MA-ZING!!

As far as how she looked, I just have one word and that is…fabulous! I give her credit for having the heart to give a designer who only has six years in the fashion industry a chance to design her costume; this will give him lots of buzz and of course lots of future sales.

At the end of day, she made a statement for anyone who doubted if she was going to sing live or not.  It is beyond me how she manages so many different roles but I do have to say that it is inspiring!

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