Borghese Makeup Review

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I was so thrilled to get a package from Borghese!! It was filled with gorgeous goodies and it was packaged so elegantly.  The presentation of the makeup really captivated my attention.

My experience: These are some of the best eyeshadows that I have tried so far.  The pigmentation is great except the light colors can be a little too light if you have fair skin.  These are great colors for an every day use.  The darker colors make a great smoky eye for those nights out with friends or a date night.  Smoky eyes are hard to do if you do not have the right eye shadow combination.

The name of the product that I received was the Eclissare Color Eclipse Five Shades of Torrid.  (Retail at $29).  It is a small palette packed with five neutral shades with an assortment of mattes, pearls and metallics.  The eyeshadows are smooth and they last longer than other shadows that I have tried in the past.  At first I was a little hesitant because I personally have never heard of Borghese.  They apply smoothly and effortlessly and it does not require a primer to intensify or for longevity.  Although I have to say that primer does help bring the color out.  The best part that I really enjoyed was that there was no fading and it was not too powdery.  I dislike shadows that are too powdery because when you are in a rush in the morning you really do not want to get your clothes dirty as you are trying to get ready.

The downside of this product has to be that they are a little bit difficult to find at stores.  You can find at Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor and online stores.  You can also find it on Amazon.  Below is the link if you would like to make a purchase today at Amazon.

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