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Smooth over your skin for winter with Borghese

2014-03-08 01.27.48

As the seasons change so does our skin too.  Right after the summer is over and fall begins, it is super important to look for a moisturizer that is going to take you through the fall into the winter and all through the year.  A very good moisturizer is essential to help your skin transition through the seasons.

The moisturizer promises protection from premature and visible signs of aging. Vitamins C and E are proven and powerful antioxidants.  Squalane, Bisabolol, and Hyaluronic Acid help to hydrate, soothe and restore your skin which leaves it sublime, soft and beautifully luminous.

2016-02-15 11.07.30


I absolutely fell in love with this moisturizer.  In my opinion, it is not too thick and it really does hydrate my skin.  As you apply the lotion, there is a fresh scent to the lotion.  It does not smell like medicine like other lotions that I have used in the past but it smells like you just washed your face and it smells clean.  I love the fact that it does not smell too much like perfume.  Borghese claims that it is a barely- there feel, however, I did feel some kind of richness to the lotion.  It did feel like you had lotion on your face but it was not too heavy where you cannot apply makeup over the lotion.  Personally, I love this moisturizer because it hydrates dry skin, smells great but most importantly it does the job.

Have you tried this moisturizer? If so, what are your thoughts? Please leave your comments below.  I would love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by and make sure to come back!


Borghese Fango Delicato Active Mud Review

borghese mud2

I just realized that I am completely obsessed with facial masks.  Honestly, I don’t discriminate, I love moisturizers, cleansers, and scrubs; but I just love the relaxation of taking time to put on a facial mask and then checking to see if it actually worked.  I have recently been given the opportunity to try Borghese Fango Delicato for delicate skin.  My face lately has been having a mind of it’s own.  Sometimes it reacts really bad to new chemicals and sometimes I can see a great difference on my face.  But, I always like to try new masks!


The first thing I noticed with this mask is that there is a light fragrance.  It smells sort of like cucumber and aloe.  In my opinion, it smells refreshing and clean.  After a few minutes, it makes your face a little stiff but not too much where you can’t even move your face.  I have had a mask in the past where even smiling was quite a spectacle.

The directions say that you have to wait at least ten minutes before removing it.  I have to say that my skin felt really rejuvenated and refreshed after the mask.  It feels a little soft too so I am impressed.  If you are looking for your skin to feel soft and rejuvenated, then this is the mask that you’ve been looking for.  It is definitely one that you have to try out before making a call.

borghese mud

Now for the question of the hour…would I continue to use this product? I am a little bit torn because I did like the fact that my skin felt great after the mask.  However, there is some controversy with the ingredient Propylparaben being included in it.  Some people are stating that Propylparaben may cause cancer but it has not been clinically proven yet.  Studies are still being conducted to determine whether this is true or not.  So besides the controversy that has not been proven yet with this ingredient, this product is pretty good.


I would love to hear your opinions .  Please share your experience at the bottom of the page.


Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer Review

Neutrogena with Charis

It took me a little while to actually get to write a review on this product because I like to give my honest opinion on the products and not just put a review based off a few days of tryouts.  I actually tried out this product for a few weeks and this review is based off my results.  At the same time, I am a little skeptical with purchasing drug store products even though there are some great products out there.  I just always felt that these products would only moisturize my face than actually work.  This is the reason why I was so excited to get Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer because I wanted to see if this product would prove me wrong.

The warning does say that it is a strong product and believe me it is very strong.  If you have sensitive skin, then you might want to start with just a little bit and then increase as your skin progresses.

On the first night that I tried the moisturizer, my skin got irritated and pink.   My skin is sensitive but I did not know that I would have this reaction.  I didn’t give up on it so easily.  After a few tries, my skin started getting irritated but I could already see that my skin was looking more refreshed.

The claims they make are not false; it doesn’t eliminate your wrinkles but it evens out your skin tone.  It fades out those stubborn deep wrinkles so it did do the job for the most part I am very pleased.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer is more expensive than the norm that you see at the drugstore.  But it is definitely cheaper than a specialty beauty store.  If you are looking for something that won’t break your bank, then definitely try out this product.

Neutro on hand charis

The moisturizer is very creamy and light so it’s great for my skin because I don’t like anything too heavy on my skin and especially before going to bed.

At the end of the day, I recommend this product because it does even out your skin and makes you skin look refreshed!

Let me know your thoughts on this product.  Please comment below! I would love to hear from you.

How to keep your skin hydrated during this cold winter


Dry skin can be so uncomfortable during the brutal winter.  During the winter, my skin gets so dry that it bleeds even if I moisturize.  I had to really learn how to prevent my skin from bleeding and keep my skin looking smooth.  How do you get to keep your skin hydrated during this cold winter?  It is really important to defend yourself against the odds so you can maintain smooth skin all season.  The trick to have smooth looking skin is to show some love and care to your internal and external body.

Here are some quick tips:

1.  Eat healthy.  It is that simple but that difficult as well.  Basically, you are what you eat.  Adding foods that have Omega’s 3 to your eating habits will help you look rejuvenated.  What kinds of food have Omega’s 3? Salmon, walnuts, olive oil, soybean are just a few of many foods that have Omega 3.  It is so easy to bing out because you are covered up with a coat.

2.  Avoid hot showers.  I have found personally that when you take hot shower it really dries your skin.  Try to take colder showers so your skin does not dry out further during the winter.  It can be difficult to take cold showers when it’s cold outside but definitely make an effort.  Please make sure to moisturize your skin as soon as you are done with your shower.

3.  Apply oils after you shower.  I prefer to use oils right before going to bed because it makes my skin feel refreshed and smooth.  It does not settle in like lotion but if you use it overnight, then it won’t bother you as opposed if you applied it during the day.  Lavender or chamomile essential oil works great and it actually helps you get a good night’s rest and lubricate your skin at the same time.

4.  Don’t forget to use facial moisturizer.  It can be any of your liking for your face but it is really important that you do not forget.  Keeping your face moisturized by applying lotion twice a day.  Once in the morning and at night.

5.  Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated as well.  When you walk around in the city when it’s cold, you prefer holding a cup of coffee than a bottle of water.  But, it’s super important to keep drinking that water to get your body ready for summer and bikini season.

There are so many more tricks to do so I would love to hear what is your regimen during this season.

Fall makeup tips for 2014

lipstickNot all women like to experiment with eye shadows and get comfortable in wearing the same eye shadows.  When you think of Fall, what colors pop up in your head? I think of orange, red and yellow but my favorite color for this Fall is purple for some reason.  A bold and vibrant purple with a little bit of shimmer is perfect for a purple smoky eye.  But if you don’t feel comfortable with too much eye shadow and want something a little bit more simple.  You can just add a little bit of purple lipstick to your lips and it will still add a little bit of dimension to your makeup.

This color can be dramatic but subtle at the same time.  I also think it can work during the day or night depending on the occasion.


Tip: When using purple lipstick, try to keep the rest of the makeup simple and neutral.  You definitely don’t want colors to clash.




Have you used purple lipstick recently?  Do you like to trend or do you prefer simplicity?  Let me know on the comments below.

How to remove nail cuticles without using painful tools

sally hansen box

How many of you have lots of cuticles around your nails? I have so much cuticles that I was spending so much money on going to the nail salon so they can remove them.  The problem is that I have a bad habit of biting my nails so I can’t see not even a little bit of cuticles otherwise I will start biting away.  I have tried so many things to eliminate this bad habit but I feel like the only way I can stop is by always removing the cuticle.

As I was at a drugstore one day, I saw this product just calling my name so I had to give it a try and I fell in love with it.  This is why I had to share it with my readers because it was my little solution to this nasty habit.  It has really helped me improve on my habit but I still haven’t completely eliminated it.  I am still working on that. lol.








Let me know if you have used this product before and if it has worked for you.  I would love to hear from you.  Check out my video below that I made to review this product.  Show some love!

Kiss Gel Fantasy Review

Kiss manicure

As part of the complimentary box that I received from Influenster, I received a Kiss Gel Fantasy kit.  I was super excited because I desperately needed a manicure.  It normally retails around $7.99 so I am definitely saving big bucks as opposed to paying $50 to get your nails done by doing my own manicure.  The new designs that they have on display at the stores have really improved compared to the normal plain press on nails.

Below is a picture of my nails before the manicure.

Before manicure









The kit comes with 24 mega adhesive tabs, nail glue, small nail file and a wood stick.  The directions were pretty straight forward but the only complaint I have against press on nails is that they have to be numbered.  It takes a long time to figure out which one goes with which nail.  In my opinion, it would make it easier if it was numbered.

Kiss box

The glitter on the tips makes it look very pretty.  I did have to file it down because it was a bit longer than I prefer. I prefer short nails but many women prefer long nails.






If you are looking for a quick manicure at home that would last a week or less, then this is a quick fixer upper.  It looks really cute and you are saving money in the end.

Kiss manicure ring







Let me know what you think and please comment below.


Get your beach beauty essentials!


Now that Summer is finally here, it is time to get your beach beauty essentials! It’s important to have all your beauty products for when your girlfriends call you to go to the beach.  The number one mistake that I always did was that I always got a tanning lotion without any sunscreen.  I don’t think I ever remember using sunscreen lotion.  When your young, you are just thinking of getting that perfect tan and I even used baby lotion to get really burnt.

As time goes on you realize that your skin is not the same as it used to because after all we age so now all I ever look for is for spf 30 or higher! With that said, I wanted to put together a list of beach beauty essentials that would help you get ready for the beach.  I found this great video by Michelle Phan that has a few items that I must admit I actually need for this summer.

I hope you enjoy this video!

Summer makeup ideas 2014


As Summer is in full throttle, you have to take the time to look your best and look the trendiest. Summer only comes once a year so take full advantage of it while you can.  Because I did not want to miss out, I asked a friend of mine, Angelica a Beauty Consultant, about the hottest trends right now for this Summer.

Here are the top looks to look out for when shopping for new makeup:

1.  Graphic eyeliner: If you really want to make a gorgeous effect, then you need to try the graphic eyeliner.  Back in the Pre-fall 2012, Chanel introduced this look in the Dubai fashion show and it really wowed the audience.  Two years later and this look is getting stronger and better.







2.  Orange lips: I am totally hooked on the orange lips! Usually, I am not big on this color but I am completely captivated with this color now because it can really uplift your outfit when you have a fantastic lipstick.  The trick with wearing orange lipstick is to pair it with a subtle eye shadow.  My advice is not to wear a strong eye shadow color along with this color.  It can totally clash but that’s just my personal opinion








3.  White eye shadow: Another favorite look of mine because it can really look great in the morning and night.  It’s a transitional look that can look subtle and elegant at the same time.  The beauty of wearing eye shadow is that you can pair it with almost any lipstick.









If you have tricks up your sleeve, please go ahead and share them here because I always like to hear new ideas.

Makeup was done by Angelica Andujar, Beauty Consultant.  If you need makeup done, questions, and tips about the latest trends, please feel free to contact Angelica Andujar at her instagram page:

Find your perfect summer skin care tips


May is Skin Cancer awareness month and I have to say that many women still don’t protect themselves when they go to the beach or the pool.  Speaking from my own experience, I used to go to the beach and bring baby oil so I can get a nice tan but I never thought about wearing sun protection lotion.  I love the summer but the only downfall is that it can really damage your outer layer.

After seeing my skin change throughout the years, I had to stat a ritual and start using lotions.  I had to find perfect summer skin care tips to improve my skin from more sun damage.  Here are my few tips:

1.  Wash your face twice a day in the morning and night.  My skin is really sensitive so I like to use Cetaphil for my skin.  It does not irritate my skin and really washes away all the dirt.

2.  Moisturize twice a day.  For my skin, I always tend to moisturize more than I need to because my skin needs it.  I even wear a moisturizer under my makeup and especially if it has SPF30 if you live in a sunny state.

3.  Use a mask at least once a week or as needed.  I never used to use masks and I have to say that I regret it.  I always had blackheads and after using the masks it helped eliminate this terrible blemish.  Now I use it at least once a week and it also helps me relax.

This is my ritual and I am sure that everyone has different products that they like to use.  I would love to hear what you like to use and what works for your skin.


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