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Are you looking for wavy locks? the Real Me Collection by nuNAAT can give you the look that you are looking for

BlastofShineMaskAre you one of those that spend hours flat ironing their hair until it is pain straight? You would do anything to not have your hair curly because you don’t like it.  Curly hair can sometimes be unmanageable; and to make it worse, it can sometimes leave your hair very dry because of all the hair products that you have to use on your hair just to make the curls look  a little decent.  No matter what the trend is with hair, I always feel that curly hair can bring a different kind of element because it’s unique.  Curly hair is different on every person; some can be wavy and others kinky curls.  Whatever the case is for you it’s all about embracing your curly.

Introducing the Real Me Collection by nuNAAT for the curly haired  girl like me.  These products come formulated with exclusive Join Complex®, the secret to ultimate moisture and shine.  The collection that I received included the following:


LATHER UP & HYDRATE SHAMPOO cleanses and moisturizes multitextured
hair without weighing it down, leaving it silky soft and easier to style. Strengthens hair and maintains a healthy scalp, promoting intense shine.
This perfect blend of 5 natural oils extracted from nuts, fruits and green collagen nourishes and hydrates hair fibers for softer, more manageable hair.




REAL MOISTURE CONDITIONER softens, hydrates and detangles wavy to kinky textures without weighing hair down. Eliminates frizz for a longer period of time.  This perfect blend of 5 natural oils extracted from nuts, fruits and green collagen nourishes and hydrates hair fibers for softer, more manageable hair.




PICK ME UP SHEEN softens and protects multitextured
hair, leaving it intensely shiny and easy to style. Controls frizz without leaving behind residue. Ideal if used before flatironing or blowdrying, or throughout the day to restore vitality.  Formulated with our exclusive Join Complex®, the secret to ultimate moisture and shine. This perfect blend of 5 natural oils extracted from nuts, fruits and green collagen nourishes and hydrates hair fibers for softer, more manageable hair.



BLAST OF SHINE HAIR MASK defines natural curly textures, moisturizing hair and eliminating frizz. Intensely nourishes hair, leaving it silky and shiny. Controls excessive volume and flyaways. This perfect blend of 5 natural oils extracted from nuts, fruits and green collagen
nourishes and hydrates hair fibers for softer, more manageable hair.



NATURAL CURLACTIVATOR Keeps hair hydrated and frizzfree
for an extended period of time. Protects hair against harsh environmental conditions and prevents breakage. Ideal for daily use.   This perfect blend of 5 natural oils extracted from nuts, fruits and green collagen nourishes and hydrates hair fibers for softer, more manageable hair.




PERFECT DO POMADE tames even the kinkiest of hair textures without weighing it down. Moisturizes for a healthy scalp. Prevents hair breakage and provides smooth edge control. Ideal for dry hair and/or chemically processed hair.   This perfect blend of 5 natural oils extracted from nuts, fruits and green collagen nourishes and hydrates hair fibers for softer, more manageable hair.

Here are my pictures to show you my end result.  These pictures are after trying the products for three full weeks because I wanted to make sure that I gave an honest review.  My hair looks shinier on the second picture.  Are you willing to trade in your straight hair for curly hair?





















Disclosure: Charis by Design received these free products for the posting of this review. All opinions are 100% on my own and were not influenced in any way.


Fall trends 2012 innovates the bouffant hairstyles

Shopping for new trends is always exciting!  I really couldn’t wait to see what designers have up their sleeves. I found color blocking and geometric patterns still very popular trend even for the fall 2012. What really caught my attention was that the new trend innovates the bouffant hairstyles.  I just could not believe that the bouffant hairstyles was back.  It is one of my favorite hair styles because it is very retro and looks glamorous all at the same time.  This works great for a special event, wedding or even to dress up an outfit.

Bouffants are mostly used on weddings because of it’s elegance and if you add hair jewelry, you can look fabolous for your special day.  The best part is that it also adds height to slim your face and adding curls to the bouffant can give it a modern edge.  When attempting to do a bouffant, don’t forget to remember the shape of your face so that you can decide the height of the hair style.  You don’t want it to be too overwhelming.  It can be styled in many different ways from a pony tail to a half-up hair style.  There are some girls who just have a gift or should I say that they can be very artistic with their hair.  I think that art comes in many forms and making art out of your hair can be such a gift to share with others.

Celebrities are using the bouffant hairstyles such as Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone, Adele are just a few of the celebrities that have used bouffant that made them look absolutely flawless.  Celebrities use it especially at a red carpet event but I honestly think that out of all the celebrities that Snooki really put this hairstyle back on the radar.  Although, she did not put it on the best light but still it made people get a second glance at her hair.

Now you will find this look on the runway along with the rest of the trends happening for the fall. If you wish to learn how to do a bouffant, below are a few tips and a tutorial video as well.

Here are a few tips:

1.  Start out by applying hairspray on damp hair then blow dry for volume.

2.   If you set hair with rollers will definitetely help you define it more and even define more curls.

3.  Section the hair front to back and tease away.  The more you tease the bigger your hair will be.

4.  Once you complete teasing, smooth the hair over and you can style as a ponytail or a half-up style.

Feel free to experiment and believe me there are infinite hair ideas but it will take many tries before you get it right.  But once you do get it right, you will be so glad you did because you will get many compliments.

Easy Hair Braiding Styles

Looking for new and easy hair braiding styles to do your hair? It is always hard to find new styles when you are on the go.  There are so many ways to do a simple braid and you don’t have to be an expert to do these stylish yet effective looks.  With a little practice, braids can be great for a casual day when your hair does not look great straight and you need a quick fix on the go.  If you can do a simple braid, then you are a step ahead in this game.  Otherwise, here are the steps to do a easy hair braiding style:

Simple braid

1.  Comb through your hair to make three equal parts.

2.  Take the hair on the left and cross over all the way to the right side.  This should create three strands of hair.

3.  Fold the hair from the right to left and then left to right until you reach the length that you desire.

4.  Tie at the end of the braid so that it won’t get loose.

Here are a few tutorial videos that make this process easy to learn while making your hair look great.



How to do a side dutch braid hairstyle for long hair.

I hope you enjoy these great easy hair braiding styles and I will definitely be looking for more styles for this summer.

Home remedies for dry damaged hair

Summer is the best time of the year.  It’s the time when you get to go to the beach and pool, but with all of that fun comes great hair damage.  This is the time when your hair starts to get rough, brittle and thin.  Having dry hair will cause it to lose its shine and luster.  You can help reduce this look with these simple and easy steps.  However, please keep in mind that everyone’s hair is different so results may vary.

Frequent shampooing is very harmful for dry hair so try to shampoo every other day instead of every day.  Use moisturizer every time that you wash your hair.  Along with these recommendations, here are a few of my home remedies for dry damaged hair:

1.  Take two eggs and beat them with one tbsp. of mayonnaise and apply them to your hair.  Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then shampoo your hair.

2.  Take two beaten eggs and mix one teaspoon of lemon juice and one tbsp. of olive oil in it.  Apply this mixture in your hair and scalp while gently massaging your scalp.  Let it sit on your hair for about a half hour and then thoroughly wash the hair using a mild shampoo.

3.  Moroccan Oil is another great source to moisturize your hair.

4.  Olive oil Moisturizing hair lotion is the best moisturizer because it has Vitamin E.  But, any oils such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil are the best choices for dry hair.  You should use any of these at least twice a week; especially if you know that you will be going to the beach more often.

5.  Aloe vera and Vitamin E can be mixed and used with any of the top remedies or used alone.  Keep it for 30 to 40 minutes and then wash thoroughly.  Use this remedy also twice a week and you will see a change in your hair.

With dry hair, it is all about taking the time to condition your hair.  It may take some time but you will see great results.  But, before you do any of the home remedies, please make sure to familiarize yourself with your scalp first.  Access your hair to make sure it is dry and not oily dry.  If it is oily-dry, then your hair will become super oily and that’s not the look that we are going after here.  Take the time to examine your hair and I hope that these remedies help your hair as it has helped mine.


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