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Charis finds at H&M


This week’s fashion finds is from H&M.  Whether you are looking for a great night out or looking for comfortable flats to walk around the city, H&M has great styles at an affordable price.  In my opinion, it’s important to have a dress handy because you never know when you’ll get invited to a last minute event and not have time to shop for a dress.  Why does any girl love a summer dress? Because it’s flattering and you could be dressed up quickly.  This is exactly why I love summer! You could just throw any dress on and wear it with some cute sandals or flats and look like you are ready for a night out.  Don’t forget to accessorize and have fun!

H&M find 7-2





How would you wear this look?

Charis Cheap Finds


I have decided to add a new section to my blog that will start showing you all of my latest cheap finds.  Whether it would be a cheap finding or just a must-have item that I think would be worth it.  Please keep in mind that what I think may be good might not be necessarily something that you would consider to be good.  But, I just want to show everyone that it’s fun to find new things to add to your wardrobe.  Even if it is a new pair of shoes or a new pair of earrings that might add that little spark to your outfit.

Actually, I did end up purchasing this great sandal from Marshall at the above price.  I thought it was cute and comfortable and it was exactly what I needed for the wedding that I had to attend.  The wedding had an all white event and I really did not want to wear uncomfortable shoes so I decided to go with the above wedge.  It looks simple but let me tell you that I did get several compliments for this sandal.

Below is a picture of another sandal that I got because it was too cute to pass.  Please keep in mind that these sandals may no longer be available but I just wanted to share this to show you that you could get cute shoes at a good price.  The price was actually $24.99 and not $39.99.










I hope that you enjoy and I would love to hear from you.


What to expect for Pre-fall 2014

vc shoeAre you thinking about Fall yet?  Winter has not technically left us yet and tomorrow marks the first day of Spring.  Now they are even predicting a Spring snowstorm! I just hope that the weather people are wrong and that the snow gets diverted.    This has been the worst winter for a very long time.  We did not get a break well maybe just once.  So, you must be thinking that I am crazy for looking at Fall 2014? But, I always like to look ahead and see what will be the newest trends that will be either a hit or fail.

  1.  Lavender as one of the colors to watch out for actually really surprised me.  Usually, lavender is used for summer or spring, but like I always say that there are no set of rules in Fashion.  Don’t be fooled with this color because it’s subtle and feminine at the same time.
  2. Plaid is from the 90s but it seems like it’s never going to go away.  The new trend is plaid on top of plaid.  If done right, it can look very nice but I can see this being worn the wrong way on so many levels.
  3. Fringes: When I think of fringes, I think of the 70s.  During that time you saw fringes everywhere.  I remember that I wanted this purse with fringes and I was too little to get that purse.  My mom was so strict with me and what I could or could not wear.  I didn’t understand it then but now that I am a mom too, I totally understand.  Allowing your kids to dress older than their own age in my opinion you are not allowing them to be kids.
  4. Gauchos pants are three quarter length hem pants for this spring.  The difference is that now they are adding high-waisted gauchos.
  5. Puffed up sleeves.  I would have never imagined this returning but it did come back.  If you are going for a historical look or folkloric then get a puffed up sleeve

How would you wear these new trends? I want to hear all about it.

How to wear Sheer with glamour!


Sheer has been around for a long time but I think right now it has come back stronger than ever! The beauty about sheers is that it’s very feminine and elegant; leaving everyone around you with a little bit of intrigue and sex appeal.  It’s that piece of clothing that you want to own because you want to give your loved one a little peek but you want to do it in a classy way.  If the design is done right, the combination of chiffon and see-through silks are among my many different kinds of fabrics.

Many readers ask how to wear a sheer dress or a shirt.  Here are suggestions:

1.  Undergarment is your best friend! Make sure to take the garment with you when you try on the garment before making that purchase.  It will help you see how it looks in the end.  I remember when I was a young girl that my mom would make me wear those slip on and I hated them but my mom was right on by making me wear those.  Now I thank her for introducing me to the best invention in undergarment.  Not many women like the slip on but let me tell you that it really does do wonder.

2.  Make sure that you get the right colored undergarment.  You don’t want to look like you are wearing something underneath the sheer piece.  Your main goal is for it to blend enough where you don’t even know it’s there.  With that said, get an undergarment that is either close to the color of the garment or close to your skin color.

3.  For a sheer top, you can pair it with a camisole or spaghetti strap body suit.

I hope that this will help you conquer the do’s and don’ts of wearing sheer.  Better yet how to wear sheer in a glamorous and sophisticated way.

Let me know your thoughts.  I would love to see how you wore your sheer top or dress.


Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion show week recap: Shoes

IMG_0701bootsAfter all this snow that has been happening here in New York and New Jersey, I don’t think anyone wants to talk about next winter.  But, the good news is that I am not talking about Winter storms but what we are going to be expecting to see for next Fall/Winter in the fashion world; I will emphasize on what to look out for in the shoes arena.

Every winter we know that boots really dominate this season.  The exciting part is that there are new bold colors that will be showcased for this season.  The popular colors of course being black throughout the years;  we see a change happening and that is that people want to experiment a little bit more now.

1.  Colors are not the only statement happening. Black used to be the color for every winter but I think women are finally coming around to the idea to go beyond just the plain and simple Mary Jane; not that there is anything wrong with that but just fashion in general.









2.  Calf hair boots, shoes and shooeties are also another way to make a statement for the season.  It comes in animal prints or neutral colors.  It’s a must-have for this Fall/Winter 2014.

IMG_0684calf hair boot






3.  Over the knee boots is going to be a hit too.  I guess the whole Julia Robert look is coming back. In my opinion, this boot was not accepted before because it was considered hooker boots.  But now I think it’s becoming more acceptable.

IMG_0689over the kneeboot








Let the shopping begin! Let me know your latest Fall2014 findings!

Disclaimer: Pictures are property of Charis by Design.  All pictures and content are copyrighted.

Are you obsessed with shopping that you just cannot resist?

7975623630_167713e489Now that January is here and there is no more Black Friday or Christmas sales, what kind of deals do shoppers look for at this time? Are you obsessed with shopping that you just cannot resist? It is really the best month to shop for merchandise that didn’t sell for Christmas or during the post-Christmas sales.  It really is merchandise that you probably won’t be using anymore but can’t  resist to buy it because it’s just too good to pass.

I remember shopping at Macy’s right after the holidays and just buying at least three items to take home with me because I just could not pass on a sale.  Those same styles ended up in the back of my closet never to be seen again.  If you are an impulse shopper like me, then you may have the same issues when you go out shopping.  I have gotten better over the years but you really have to know and understand that you can get better deals throughout the year and it really won’t mean anything if you pass up on this one sale.

Shoppers who are always looking out for sales and are obsessed with shopping always end up spending more money than people who are not looking for sales.  So I started to think, what makes me do the things I do when I go out shopping.

1.  Don’t be that last to know about the sale.  That was always my fear that I didn’t want to miss out on this sale.  How did I overcome it? I used to get coupons but I removed myself from the list.  The less you know the better it is so that you won’t get tempted.

2.  Competition can be toxic.  Now that social media is involved in our lives we can see what others are talking about and what their recent purchases are.  This creates a little bit of competition because now you want what the other person bought and you want to make it better.

3.  Are you really spending or saving? This is the question that you should really be asking yourself.  But we all know that the answer is when you shop you don’t really save.  You are spending money and that’s the bottom line.

Shopping can be fun but it’s how you budget that makes a difference.  Before making the purchase, make sure to pause and ask yourself it you really need this item? But who are we kidding, when you want something you always answer to that yes.  Instead, really think if you will be using it and is it helping you save money to go on that special vacation you always dreamed of.

What are your thoughts?





Runway look: Hit or Miss?

9706218284_d443af573d If you think you missed fashion week for 2013, then the answer is no! At least not yet, they are still a few days in and there is much more to see.  The trend that many designers chose to go with were black and white; and the lines and designs were kept very simple.  Everyone has their favorite designers but there are a few designers that I will always love and be faithful to.  At the same time, you have new designers that are innovative and create something new and beautiful.   I decided to share some of the things that I think could be considered a hit or miss.

Runway look: Hit or miss?

  1. Short pleated kilt: Is this a piece that you will be wearing for spring? This reminds me of my favorite movie “Clueless” and it was so big in the 90s that I had to get a few pieces myself when I was younger.  What do you think? Do you think there is an appropriate age to rock a kilt?  I don’t consider myself to be old because I will always be young at heart but I also know that there is a time for everything; and a kilt is not something that I think is appropriate for me to wear at my age.  It’s supposed to be a super cute and sexy outfit but it’s too young of an outfit for older ladies.  Now, this is my opinion, if you think you can rock out a kilt, and then by all means don’t let me stop you.  On the other hand, you can wear pleated skirts in all sorts of different ways and look fabulous.
  • My suggestion: If you still want to be wearing something similar is to opt out with a pleated skirt.  It’s a great look to wear from the office to an event.


  1. Logos: Do you prefer to wear clothing that has the brand name on the clothes directly? Alexander Wang is actually putting his name on a lot of his items.  He did an amazing job on embedding it into the clothes.  At the same time, I felt that the shirt lost its flattery because of all the logos on the shirt.  Would you wear a shirt that may not flatter your body because it has a logo on the shirt?
  • My suggestion: If you want to wear a shirt that has a logo, then just make sure that it still flatters your body.


  1. Would you mix orange and green? I saw some outfits with these two colors mixed together.  Is it something that will trend for this spring or do you think it’s a pass? For one, I think that if you can mix them correctly then it should not be a problem.
  • My suggestion: You can wear them in a minimal way like an orange lipstick with a green shirt or pants; that way the colors don’t clash as much.


Fashion week sets the mark for what is to come.  Are you excited about what is to come? Go ahead and set your own trend.  I would love to hear what you would wear and not wear.


Why are you not allowed to wear white after Labor Day? Who made up this rule?

5734860459_36184b8fa4I am still in shock that Labor Day weekend is here! Where did the summer go? Why did it have to leave so quickly?  I love summer but the exciting part about saying goodbye to summer is saying hello to Fall.  I just love the fall colors and boots! If you are obsessed with shoes as much as I am, then you are a boot lover too!

Now that Labor Day is here, the big question that everyone always asks is: why are you not allowed to wear white after Labor Day? Who made up this rule? And if so, how to wear white after Labor Day?

My rule is always this rule: There are no rules! You have to make up your own rules.  If you think that you can’t pull off white after Labor Day then go the safe route and don’t wear white.  But, if you like to experiment and be a rebel then why fit yourself inside of a box with all the rules.  Technically speaking fall begins September 22nd so you can still wear it beforehand but you can still wear it after the 22nd in small dosage.

The trick to wearing white after Labor Day is to have one featured item on your entire outfit.  You can have a cute white clutch, handbag, belt, accessories or a blouse.  I just would not have a whole outfit in white.  But I think one great piece can bring an outfit to whole new level.  White can be such a great color to wear so why should you feel restricted?  What kind of white outfits can be pulled together? Here are a few items that I think are great throughout the winter and fall:

White Dress: Before you would never dare to wear a white dress during the winter, but now a white dress can get you noticed at a party; and you might just be the trendiest one there.  Why? Because white dresses are winter dresses and they look stunning when you wear it correctly.

White jeans: They are allowed as long as you wear them with the right undergarment and not too tight please.  If you wear white jeans with a black turtleneck and some cute ballet flats with the right accessories then you’ll have a great outfit for day or night.

White coats: I love seeing either a white coat or a nude color coat.  In my opinion, it looks beautiful and it fits perfect for the winter.  The only downfall is that it gets dirty really quick and you have to upkeep it.  But, it’s a great piece to have in your wardrobe.  If you don’t have one, then you must go out and get one.

Make the best of what you have and have fun with it! Be different and stand out from the crowd.  Because after all, that is what a true fashionista is!

How do you wear a tassel necklace?

3567744536_bb495f1e03Personally, I have always loved a tassel necklace.  It is different, unique, and you can use some of your DIY talent to even personalize your own necklace.  This kind of necklace can bring you many different looks.  You can have a bohemian look or even a 20’s look; and all thanks to how you accessorize.

How would you decorate a tassel necklace or how do you wear a tassel necklace? The best way to wear a tassel necklace is to pair it with knits.  It could be a knit dress, knit sweater, or blouse.  As long as you don’t wear stripes with your tasseled necklace then you have not made a wrong choice.

It is all about embracing this trend even when the trend is not happening at the moment.  If you feel like it is a classic piece and that it’s timeless, then don’t worry about trending; just have fun with your necklace.


The secret of layering T-shirts and tanks

3379123313_56cb840120Spring is here but it already feels like summer in Florida.  A few of the basics to have in your closet are t-shirts and tanks because who doesn’t want to be comfortable, stylish and cool on those sunny days.  These are a few of the basics; that you can own as many as you want and in any color you think looks really good on you.  There are so many options from crewnecks, V-necks, and scoop necks that are really easy in layering pieces that you can pair with a jacket, blazer and jeans to look great.

My motto is the more the better.  You can have all different types of t-shirts long and short sleeved in all different colors.  Because they are inexpensive, this is the one basic that you can replace without breaking your wallet.   This is one of my favorite pieces to have in my wardrobe.

As for tanks, I love tanks because you can dress them up or down throughout the day.  Tanks can be accessorized in a way that it could look great for a night out in town.  There are some tanks that come with a built-in bra which is great if you have a small bust.  Take a moment to select the right tank for your body type as well.  If you have a big bust, then choose a tank with a V neckline.  When you find that tank that you love, buy a few in basic colors like black, white, gray and brown.  Don’t be limited to just buying basic colors.  You can buy fun and bright colors to layer with the basic colors.

When you choose the tank tops make sure they are two different necklines otherwise you will only be able to see one top.  The only tip I can give is to make sure that the necklines are separated by at least one or two inches.


Once you learn and discover how easy it is to layer t-shirts and tanks, you may decide to wear this throughout the entire year from winter to summer.


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