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How do you wear polka dots with stripes?

6342683936_132f72c5b1_nThere was this unsaid rule before that you could not wear polka dots with stripes.  It was just unheard of and very hard to pull off.  But everything has changed and with new times comes new prints.  I usually did not mix a lot of prints because it was always a challenge and I was always afraid.  But experimenting was the only way that I was able to see what prints work well together and what did not.

After many trials and errors, I have found that the best way to combine and complement these prints is to make sure one print is smaller than the other.  So, I asked myself how do you wear polka dots with stripes?

  1. Never have two big prints next to each other because it’s going to clash or make the outfit too loud and busy.  The whole purpose of mixing is to make one print an accent and the other a complement.  Don’t make the mistake of making two prints to fight for attention.  Instead, make it work to complement.
  2. The color scheme should be close to each other.  It means that if you have black and white stripes or dots then mix with the same colors.

The best places to find great prints are shopping at thrift stores.  You will find lots of prints that you can mix and match with newer pieces.  And you can rest assured that your outfit will be different and original when you shop for prints at a thrift store.  It’s all about being bold, original and standing out from the crowd.

Honestly, you don’t have to choose one particular print but you could just have fun and take risks and see what works for you.  Break the rules and get out of your comfort zone.

Did the Ugg Boots for Women fashion trend fade?

Ugg boots for Women are a must have for this winter.  I will be the first to say that I rejected wearing these boots for years.  I didn’t like the way they looked and I wanted to wear something more girly.  After going through a rough winter, I decided to give these boots a try and was amazed at how comfortable and warm they were on my feet.

A good pair of Uggs boots for women keeps your feet extremely warm from the frigid winter weather. Besides being extremely warm, the best Uggs have the softest sheepskin. There are so many different types of Uggs; they even have Fuggs which are fake uggs.  It basically comes down to this; you get for what you pay for.

Is it better to get real or fake Ugg boots? In my opinion, the Ugg boots do feel softer than the fake Uggs but it is really your choice.  The fake Uggs can do a similar job at least in keeping your feet warm.  An Ugg has fleece all around the actual boot and the fleece decreases the moisture during the cold winter to maintain the body temperature of your feet.

I would recommend buying the real Ugg boots.  I feel that the quality is better.  When it’s really cold outside, what will matter the most is if your feet are nice and warm.  Believe me, you will not regret it.

Check out these Uggs:


Fashion events this week concluded in New York. Next stop London!

Fashion events this week concluded in New York.  Now, it is London’s turn to put on an amazing fashion show.  After that, it’s Milan and finally Paris.  According to London Fashion, “London fashion week is a dazzling showcase of great British talent.  It’s significance has been growing over the last few years, with strong attendance by press and buyers from around the world”- Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.”  London has always been the edgier fashion event to look out for because they always present new street wear.  Every city has it’s own twist to add, London for being edgy, Milan for having some of the greatest designers like Roberto Cavalli and Dolce and Gabbana.  Paris doesn’t stay behind because they have chic and stylish designs and great parties.

Fashion event designs will eventually make it into the retail chain stores.  You will see the influence one way or another; whether it’s different shades of colors, patterns and cuts.  This is where my excitement comes in to keep an eye out for when those infamous designs actually hits the stores.  Every single buyer and celebrity benefit from the fashion events because this is when they decide what items will stock in department stores or boutiques for the upcoming season.   What’s great about the newer designs is that it’s all about the consumer- us.  Before, designers just focused on how beautiful their design could be but the clothing wasn’t wearable.  I think that now everything has changed and the focus has been shifted.

Fashion events this week is like the Superbowl for anyone who loves fashion.  I always say whether you like it or not, we are constantly bombarded by fashion.  And it’s what you make of it that makes the difference.



Tips on how to dress vintage

As a former New Yorker, fashion literally surrounds you and inspires you.  Consignment shops and thrift stores was just always the kind of places that you always shopped.  This is what I love the most about New York; the fact that there are small independent stores that existed in NYC.  Utilizing these clothing stores to give you a vintage look becomes a cinch.  The question becomes do you know where to start when it comes to how to dress vintage?

One of my readers asked me what advice do I have if they wanted to dress vintage?  Here are a few tips on how to dress vintage.  When you visit thrift stores, always plan out the pieces that you want to get before you even get to the store.  I’m always in the lookout for floral dresses; they are always a classic piece to buy as well as buying black dresses.  You can dress up these clothes and accessorize them.

Here is a mental list that I note to myself before actually making it to the store:

1.  Decide which era you want to dress in for that day or week.  Is it the 60s, 70s or 80s?

2.  Accessorize according to the era.  Research what kind of accessories were in at that time.  Every era truly has their own story to tell and how you tell your story is what makes it interesting.

3.  Style your hair accordingly.  If you are going for the early 20s, then cut your hair in a bob.  If you are going for the 70s look, long curly hair was the style. In the 80s, it was a whole lot of hairspray so make sure to put your hair really high and with lots of hairspray.

4.  Classic pieces to also get are vintage jackets, leather jackets or cardigan sweaters.

When I think about wearing vintage, it’s also about how you wear the vintage piece.  I lean more towards mixing and matching, utilizing your favorite vintage pieces, and mixing it with the modern.  I can guarantee you that there are stores that will have pieces with a vintage look and can sometimes be cheaper than when you buy them in vintage.  It’s how you make the most of it, for example, below is a black dress that has a vintage look and with the right accessories you can own this dress and give it a different look.


Mix and match and have some fun!

What is Equestrian Style?


Equestrian style to me is all about showing everything that is related to English riding or polo.  Looking back, I remember not liking the look of plaid.  But now, I look at equestrian style in a whole different light. The best part is that many designers are taking this style and adding their own twist.

The key with this style is to just accessorize it with vintage and flea market finds.  Every Saturday is an exciting day for me because it’s the day to go out to flea markets or garage selling and find those little vintage accessories that will just add some style to your home or even your wardrobe. So, you do not have to spend too much money to add some new element to your home.

If you are looking to add the equestrian style to your home or your wardrobe, just think of adding that saddle brown, hunter green, burgundy, tartan plaid into the mix and you got at least a glimpse of what equestrian style is all about.  In my opinion, I find it quite funny when you see a pair of riding boots or a helmet when you actually don’t ride horses.  If you do not ride, it’s ok, you can just add some pictures or paintings of horses and that will add another element to this style.

Authenticity  and elegance can describe this style.  Take a moment to relax and change up your home or wardrobe to a completely different style.






What to wear for the Holidays 2012

It’s only October but rest assured that we will be hearing holiday music soon.  The endless streams of cocktail parties, neighborhood gatherings, PTA meetings and festive dinners will fill up your calendar by the end of November.  This is the month where I like to plan on what I am going to invest in for holiday wardrobe pieces, home, and gifts for the family.  It is considered the most stressful time of the year but if you plan it correctly then you will be looking forward to the holidays.

So, what to wear for the Holidays 2012? Remember that the holidays are about having fun.  Try new prints and textures and don’t stick to red all the time.  You could use gold tones and even green to change up your wardrobe.

Here is a list of wardrobe essentials for the holidays:

  1.  Accessorize:  layering accessories work well and create your own twist, a new hat, bangles, or even fake eyelashes.  Don’t forget to accessorize your hair.  A big bow clip, flirty headbands or just using a pearl necklace as a headband can completely change an outfit.
  2. Scarves: a variety of printed, colored or textured scarves is what makes the holidays so special and different from the rest of the seasons.  Choose a scarf that has a  leopard prints, metallics, great textture or bright colors to give some style and pop to your wardrobe.  Make sure to invest on a few good pieces as you will be wearing them practically almost every day.
  3. Cashmere: this is a must-have for every holiday season or just to have in your wardrobe.   It is a travesty when I see a girl wearing those horrible Christmas sweaters that are just meant to be worn at home.  This is why a cashmere sweater can be comfortable but elegant at the same time.  When you choose a cashmere, make sure of the following:
  • The fibers are fine and not coarse
  • Make sure you read the label and that the blend is 100 percent.
  • The best sweater is completely hand-knitted.

  4.  Dresses:  It is crucial to have at least two dresses picked out for the holidays.  There could be a last minute cocktail party that you  were invited to or a family reunion that you were not expecting.  When choosing a dress, make sure you address your body issues.  Look at your body type whether it’s a pear shaped, short-waisted or short.

5.  Clutch bag is a must-have for the holidays.  It is not just for a night out anymore; it is a great piece to add to any outfit from a blind date or as an everyday tote.

Here are a few of my suggestions:
Jessica Simpson Frayed Fringe Square Scarf

Cochni  Cashmere Hooded Sweater - Cream

Every piece can add up to a look that can be a little bit of sugar and a little bit of spice for the Holidays.

Top dresses for the Emmy 2012











Big dresses, big hair, and bling everywhere pretty much describes last night Emmy’s.  Even though that whole stunt with Tracy Morgan was a little unexpected but it wasn’t so bad.  The best part of every red carpet event is of course to see what the new trend the celebrities were going to set and what the top dresses for the Emmy awards.  There were some outfits that were brilliant and of course some that were not my favorite but I think that every celebritity looked amazing in their own way.

Two dresses that of course stuck out in my head was the yellow dress worn by Julianne Moore and the mermaid dress by Sofia Vergara.  The yellow dress by Julianne Moore was absolutely terrible even though she is pretty; the dress did her no justice.

Sofia Vergara wore a mermaid dress that she absolutely rocked.  I never thought that a mermaid dress could look sexy and pretty at the same time.  The color was fabolous and classy; it did not show too much cleavage and it changed my way of looking at a mermaid dress.

Which one is your favorite dress?

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Fashionable ankle boots for the fall 2012

My favorite season is fall because you get to pull out your pair of boots and enjoy the change of the season.  I found these great fashionable ankle boots that will be perfect for going to work, out with the girls, or just to walk around in the city.

Fashionable ankle boots are sexy, trendy and stylish; a must have in every women’s wardrobe. Redesign your closet if you don’t have the one pair of boots that will be accent to your outfit.
Chinese Laundry Snooker

Chinese Laundry Showstopper

No matter what style you are trying to achieve whether it’s girly or functional just remember to stick to your style.  Only you can choose a pair of boots that will represent your personality.

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Alice Temperly talks Elegance and Wearing What Works

Photo by Elle

The opulent ballroom of the Grand Connaught Rooms played host to Temperley London’s latest showing on Sunday—a light and fresh Spring collection titled “Return to Elegance” and inspired by Sophia Loren and couture models of the 1950s.

With a soft and uncomplicated silhouette created to emphasize timeless femininity, Alice Temperley played with notions of class and sophistication by mixing fabrics and using tiers of sheer panels and latticed tulle hand-embroidered with Swarovski crystals. We caught the designer backstage to ask her about elegance, femininity, and working with in-demand London stylist and Dazed & Confused fashion editor Katie Shillingford.

ELLE: Alice, what does elegance mean to


Alice Temperley: I think fashion can always date, but I think if a woman has elegance she doesn’t date. I think that a woman that is elegant herself is somebody who can dress herself easily and effortlessly. It’s like she is wearing the clothes rather than the clothes are wearing her. And when a woman walks into a room and you look at her and she seems perfect in every way. You don’t just think, God, what’s that skirt she’s wearing? She has to understand exactly what works for her. And then glamour’s a different thing, too. [With glamour] she can walk in and you’re immediately saying, “Oh my God! That woman!”

ELLE: So elegance is what we need right now?

AT: I think a return to elegance is key for the moment because people are buying things that last. It’s simple to buy things that transcend seasons, things that are classics. And I like that really. I don’t try to be in fashion, I don’t try to follow trends. You just end up out of fashion that way. [Elegance] is really what I like, and this has been naturally evolving in the collections each season.

ELLE: Do you think it is difficult for women to be elegant these days?

AT: With the time that they have, yes. But it’s about finding out what really suits you. It might be the blouses you like, or something with a high waist, or it might be that it’s good to show your legs. Just working out what the best thing about a woman’s body. It could be her eyes or her lips. But working out what it is and sticking to it, perfecting it, rather than trying too much. I think women could probably have a bit more time in their wardrobes to figure that out, with how busy everyone is. But once you get it, it’s good to stick to it.

ELLE: That really came across in the looks as well. What was working with stylist Katie Shillingford like?

AT: It was lovely! She is a really really lovely person to work with. She is so calm, and this has been our calmest season so far backstage. Our whole team was involved and everyone really really enjoyed it.

See the Spring 2013 Temperley London collection.

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Oscar de la Renta RTW Spring 2013

Photo by Giovanni Giannoni

Photo by Giovanni Giannoni

The lady wore latex. The shiny top Karlie Kloss sported with her prim pencil skirt and blazer to open Oscar de la Renta’s show was indeed made from the material most associated with the bedroom and operating room. Chic rather than subversive, it showed up again on a slick emerald-green tank and pencil skirt worn — in a glorious color combination — under a hot pink silk faille jacket embroidered with black tassels. The models came out in edgy, laser-cut booties, their hair swept into messy beehives streaked with pink, yellow and blue. De la Renta is no punk; he was just having a little fun with a collection that was otherwise purely pretty and wonderfully grand.

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Though rambling at times (as a 60-look show is wont to do), the stock was solid, with exquisite treatments at every turn. Daywear was a relative term here, considering all the lavish embellishment. A belted ivory linen jacket and matching skirt were trimmed in leather macramé that looked like lace. A white floral guipure jacket was done in a black graffiti treatment and worn over a tweed skirt. There was even a hot-pink Persian lamb skirt-suit. Then, for evening an array of stunners, from a swank black-and-white column slit to there to a strapless, tea-length style done in layers of aquamarine tulle and embroidered with cherry blossoms in pink feathers. With the classic de la Renta customer well accounted for, the designer was free to court a younger, more playful contingent. Cue Cara Delevingne in a hot pink bustier with a feathered peplum that fanned out like wings over a pair of cocktail shorts.

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