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Selling shoes on vending machines?

3755345315_444223c10fHow many of us have visited the mall and seen tech vending machines that sell iPods and cameras? Instead of buying an iPod, how about purchasing a pair of flats from a vending machine.  Rollasole provides convenient packable flats in vending machines.  How many times have you left the house with the cutest heels or stilettos but didn’t realize how painful they are; and by the end of the night you just want to throw them away no matter how cute those heels are!

Rollasole truly are a genius! The company now has five machines in nightclubs throughout Vegas.  The styles sold in the machines are not the best quality but then again after a long night with heels anything feels better than wearing stilettos.  They may want to think about expanding to New York City.  I can definitely see this working.  Man, why didn’t I think of this idea…lol.

So what are your thoughts on this company?  Do you see this expanding throughout the country like Redbox? Let me know your thoughts.


How to manage your time in all of this craziness!


How many of us struggle with managing time throughout the day?  You only wish that you could add more hours throughout the day but the truth is it’s just not possible.  These past few weeks have been really tough for me.  It started before the holidays.  Right before the holidays, you are getting ready for the holidays and then during the holidays you are going to different events.  After the holidays, you are  so exhausted that you just want to relax but then you relax too much to the point that you don’t want to go back to being busy anymore.  This is where I find myself right now.  Between work, kids and a blog, I just find it hard sometimes to juggle it all.

I began to question myself, how do other moms juggle so much at the same time?  So, I decided that it’s time to get back into the routine.  So I decided to start a time management schedule so I can get more accomplished throughout the day.  Here are a few tips that I have learned along the way:

1.  Start your day with what’s really important to you.  I always heard that you should start the day by working out but I did not want to believe this because I am just not a morning person.  But, it’s true! Working out is the last thing you want to do because you’re always fighting with yourself to get to the gym.  But, if you start the day getting your biggest task done first thing in the morning, you already feel accomplished.  Always start the day doing the one thing that you don’t want to do or the hardest thing that you have to do for the day.

2.  Eliminate social media as much as possible.  It’s hard not to get on facebook and read other people’s statuses or whatever social media that you enjoy looking at.  Now, I am not saying not to use social media because who are we kidding? Social media is in our face constantly and you use it for one thing or another.  I am just saying to minimize your time on social media.  Focus on getting your tasks done first and then you can enjoy your free time with social media.

3.  Avoid interruptions as much as possible.  By focusing on completing one task at at time, you can actually finish more tasks.  When you get interrupted, it’s really difficult to get back on track.  You may think that multi-tasking gets more accomplished but sometimes it’s just not the case.  It’s better when you do one task at a  time.

How do you manage your time?  Do you need help completing tasks or do you think you have it under control?


How to stay chic and warm during this cold winter

3319756579_7952b3c6f4Last week was tough because of the polar vortex that we experienced.  In New Jersey, temperatures dropped as low as 2 degrees.  It was not as low as the Midwest experienced -15 degrees and -30 degrees.  This freezing temperature caused many accidents and delays; I am sure much more damage than I could fathom.  But, it made me think if it is possible to stay chic and warm during this cold weather?

It is so easy to just be as plain as you could possibly be in this weather because you are just looking for something that is going to keep you warm.  But, the good news is that you can still stay chic and warm during this cold weather.  There is no reason why anyone would like to go monochromatic this season.  By adding a hat or scarf that has a pop of color you can add some fun to this winter blues.  Here are a few styles that you can keep you warm and bring in some fun:

1.  Colorful hat beanies: These little beanies can really do it’s magic because it does keep you warm.  They come in all different colors.


2.  Fur keeps you warm; even though some people are against showing support to fur.  I have to admit that the times that I actually wore a piece that I borrowed, it kept me so nice and toasty.  It is also trendy and functional at the same time.


3.  Over-the-knee boots is a staple for this winter.  I think that this boot can keep you warm and look stylish.


Next time you have an arctic blast coming your way, then make sure that you have your essentials so you are ready to go and beat the cold with these cold weather accessories.




Happy New Years Resolution 2014! It’s that time again to set your new goals!

8332786000_035b42bc0aAs a new year begins, so many of us start making resolutions and setting new goals.  What is your New Years Resolution for 2014? It could be from losing weight, getting a new job, new house, new baby and so much more; but with new goals comes new conflicts. How many times have you set a goal in your life and when you face a conflict you give up on the goal so quickly?

With every new goal, I feel that a new conflict will arise to make it even tougher for you to achieve it.  It is how you deal with the situation and overcome it that helps you get past it so you can finish what you started.  Otherwise, it will be too easy to get to your goal.  I have set so many goals for myself and I have only found myself asking why I was not able to complete what I started.  This year I will like to change that and actually accomplish what I set my mind to do.

The number one goal every year is losing weight and next on the list is improving your finances or getting a new job.  My new goal for this year is to lose weight and improve my finance as well.  I think that everyone including myself would love to lose at least 20 pounds or more.

What are your new year’s resolution?


How to do Christmas with no money

christmas treeChristmas is a holiday that some people despise and others just love.  I particularly love the holidays because of everything that happens throughout the holidays.  I love the Christmas music, the Christmas lights, and of course watching your kids get all excited about Christmas as well.

I could understand why some people may not like the holidays; getting in debt is one of them.  After doing many mistakes, I finally learned the hard way that it is not worth putting gifts on credit cards just to show someone how much you love them with an expensive gift.

Many people get caught up on trying to give the best gifts and end up in debt! It really isn’t worth it to get in debt so I am just giving a few tips on ideas on how to still get toys or clothes with just a little bit of money:

1. The dollar tree store is your best friend.  Just purchasing Christmas decorations like Christmas lights  can save you money.

2.  Consignment stores have great toys to look for your kids.  Make sure that you go early in the morning so you get the best stuff that is out first.

3.  Goodwill stores are great stores to shop in as well.  You can find great deals but you have to go at least three times a week to find what you are looking for.

If you have no money, then try these resources:

1.  Local churches are great places to ask for help.  Some churches even have programs that adopt families for Christmas.

2.  Salvation Army is a great place to get food and clothes.

3.  Center for Food Action have locations in Englewood and Mahwah if you are in need for another resource.

I am positive that I only listed a few from all the help that is really out there.  If you don’t need any of these resources, then keep it in the back of your head because you never know when someone you know may need it.

Holidays is the gift of giving and sharing with those you love.  Take a moment to show someone how much you care and it doesn’t have to be by buying them gifts.

Happy Holidays!


How to wear a pencil skirt: Day or night!

Every women’s wardrobe must have a staple and in my opinion having a pencil skirt is one of those items that every women should have without question.  I love pencil skirts because they give you elegance and flatter your body at the same time.

The beauty of a pencil skirt is that you can take it from morning to evening depending on the accessories and shoes that you wear.  This skirt in particular can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with flats.  Just pair it with a tee, tank, or blouse and you can update your look in just a few minutes.  There are so many different skirts with fun prints or if you want to be safe then go with a solid color.

If you have problems with your hips like me, then you might want to get a skirt that can stretch.  Believe me a little bit of stretch can go a long way, lol.  It can hug your hips and give you a lean look but if you don’t choose the right size then it can look really tight on your body and make it you look bigger.  A classic look is wearing a black skirt with a white blouse and heels.  This is my favorite look because it is elegant and chic.  At the same time, a floral print can be fun if done correctly.  I would wear a simple plain top with ballet flats or heels if you want to dress up.

The skirt is versatile so it’s about using creativity and making it look unique so it can stand out. You can even make your own skirt if you really want to be unique.  But, if you are not as crafty then shopping around until you find the one that you love is the way to go.  There are a few retailers that you can get great pencil skirts for a great price.  One of my favorites of course has to be Forever 21.  It has an excellent price and great prints at the same time.  Let me know where you go to get great pencil skirts for a great price and comment below!



Don’t miss Layla Grace 15% off sale!

Layla Grace is one of my favorite sites for home bedding, accessories and anything you could think of. So, I am taking the moment to share this offer of 15% off. It may not seem like a lot but it can sure come a long way.  The styles are contemporary and chic and everything in between.  If you are looking for a new home bedding, accessories or decor, then this is the place to check out first.

Lili Alessandra sets the bar for luxurious home bedding and now through 10/31, Layla Grayce is offering 15% off Lili Alessandra with code LILI15. Don’t miss your chance to shop ultra soft, romantic duvet covers, headboards, table linens and more. Happy Shopping!

Do you know what type of scarf to wear? Check out NIMLI Review

getspotted #1I love everything about Fall especially The Fall Fashion which includes jackets, boots, and my personal favorite the scarf.  A beautiful scarf is a great accessory to have plus it keeps you warm during the cold season.  So, when I received a complimentary scarf from NIMLI I could not wait to try it on and see how beautiful it would look.

The scarf that I received looks beautiful and very stylish.  I love the mustard yellow color because it goes well with a lot of different colors especially for the fall.  If you don’t wear a scarf during the fall or winter, then you are truly missing out on a great piece.  Finding a great scarf is like finding a great pair of boots.  It’s hard to find a good pair of boots that can look stylish but serve it’s purpose during the winter.  Why not try a different kind of scarf that can help you look stylish and keep you warm? Below is a picture of me wearing my new scarf.    20130928_164142


If you have not heard of NIMLI before, then now is your chance to check out their great selection of scarves and more. Check out  NIMLI is a curated marketplace of makers and sellers.  A community of independent designers, curators and consumers.




Disclosure: I received complimentary product mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Are you ready for Fall festivals?


Summer is finally coming to an end and the best part of the year begins! I love Fall Festivals! It’s a great way to get the whole family excited about the fall and explain the change of season.  It’s adorable to see your little ones playing with the leaves and watching all the activities.  It depends on which festival but there are some that has music, contest like apple bopping, race sack races and carving a pumpkin.  All of the activities are great for kids and adults.

Are you ready for some fall festivals deals?  Here is a list that I have put together with coupons from Corn Maze & Fall Festivals savings nationwide.  Download valuable coupons for Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Patches and Fall Family Activities.

Let me know how much you love fall festivals? or if it is your first time going to a fall festival?

Schnepf Farms – Queen City

Forneris Farms – Mission Hills

Anderson Farms – Erie
Flat Acres Farm – Parker
Fritzler Maze – La Salle
Sunflower Farm – Longmont
Mile High Farms – Bennett
Wishing Star Farm – Calhan
Harvest Farm – Wellington

Devine Acres Farm – Devine
Fiesta Farm – San Antonio
Yesterland Farm – Canton
South Texas Maize – Hondo
Dewberry Farm – Brookshire
Brazos Valley Maize– Brenham

CM Farms – Dry Creek

Lane Southern Orchards – Fort Valley
Poppell Farms – Odum

Farmer Charley’s Corn Maze Adventure – Monroe

Amazing Fall Fun – Waterloo
Harvest Tyme Pumpkin Patch – Lowell
Hobson’s Fun Farm – Rockville

All Seasons Orchard – Woodstock
Kuipers Family Farm – Maple Park
Odyssey Fun Farm – Tinley Park
Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm – Lockport

Summers Farm – Fredrick County

Sauchuk Farm – Plympton


KC Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze – Gardner
Shuck’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch – Pleasant Hill

Seward Farms Maze – Lucedale

Afton Apple Orchard – Hastings

The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm – Billings

Camp Fontanelle – Nickerson

VonThun Farms – Monmouth Junction
Sahl’s Father Son Farm – Egg Harbor City

New York
Wright Family Farm – Warwick
Harbes Family Farm – Mattituck

North Carolina
Patterson Farm Market and Tours – Mount Ulla

The Corn Maze at the Sharp Run Market – Millersburg
Meadow View Growers – New Carlisle


Hurricane Hill Farm – Coatsville
Triple B Farms – Pittsburgh
Reillys Summer Seat Farm
 – Pittsburgh

Rhode Island
Confreda Greenhouses & Farms – Hope (Western Cranston)

Cows-N-Corn – Midland
Wayside Farm Fun – Berryville
Belvedere Plantation – Fredericksburg

Cornbelly’s Corn Maze & Pumpkin Fest – Spanish Fork

For Daily Updates on these coupons and coupons for other family attractions please visit and bookmark:

How do you let go of your toddler?

IMG_1259Now that I will be a working mom, I was super excited about going back to work and just thinking about having to actually have adult conversations, but then one night it hit me.  I won’t be able to enjoy my kids as much as I am able to do right now. How do you let go of your toddler? It was a privilege for me to stay home and watch my kids achieve their milestones.

To be able to see them in the morning and say good morning and put them down for their naps.  Play with them at the park and watch them learn how to climb.  Read stories in the park or listen to them telling me stories.  Out of all the activities, I love listening to my oldest telling me stories.  His imagination is beyond me.  The way that he tells the story is so lively and he makes you feel like you should have been there.

I will miss the way they are just starting to fight with one another, even though it could be annoying, but I just find it adorable that they are now starting to annoy each other; it’s too funny now! I know later when they get older it won’t be so funny anymore, but I will miss it.  I will miss painting with them and running with them and all the activities that we did as a family.

Now I just have to make sure that every weekend is planned, that way I can make sure that I am spending quality time with the kids.  It’s about making the best of the little bit that you have and just making it work.

This is going to be harder than I thought or am I just being a baby? Why is this so hard for me to do when so many moms work every day?

Most of their days are now going to be with someone else.  They will pick up their mannerisms and the way they handle doing things now.  Am I comfortable with that?  I was really debating this question and I wondered how many moms face this same question.  How do you deal with all these questions and uncertainty? It takes a long time and effort to raise your kids the way you want them to be raised and now in a matter of months it could all change.  How could you still stay connected to your toddler? I may not have the answer right now because it is what I am struggling with but I am proud to share my journey with you as I go through this transition.  I am sure there will be much more for me to learn and learning how to juggle everything.

How do you balance letting go of your toddler while still staying connected?

Join me on my new journey as a working mom, wife, and a blogger.

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