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At this very moment, many parents are facing the reality that their kids are going off to college.  It’s a new chapter in their lives when they need to give up the idea that they are not kids anymore but that they are on their own making their own decisions.  It scares me to death to think of that moment for my own kids and I really don’t want that moment to come like Ever! lol But I know that can never happen either.

I look at them playing and running around and only wish that time could stand still and not get away from us.  There will be a moment when I will get to see my kids go off to college.

But for those of you who are facing that reality now…you want your kids to feel comfortable in their new environment.  This is why decorating their rooms helps to make them feel at home and excited about starting a new journey.  For some teenagers, a transition like this can be a little difficult but for others it is easier.  But regardless, make your kids feel comfortable by helping them decorate their rooms.

Before buying a whole bunch of stuff,  you should:

1.  Know what the dorm room includes.

2.  Make sure to ask your advisor what appliances you can bring to the dorm.

3.  If you can talk to your roommate beforehand, you can split the cost of furniture like refrigerator or futons.

4.  Don’t buy expensive furniture because at the end of the school year you will probably end up throwing it out or giving it away.

What do you need:

1.  Monogram towels: I would get monogrammed towels so you know which ones are yours and no one can confuse your towels with someone elses.

2.  Monogram pillows:  It is a cute decor on your bed plus you can’t confuse your pillows.

3.  Night stand: If you have room for one, then it’s a must.  You can always set your pictures and books next to your bed before heading off to sleep.

Here are some inspirational college dorm decorating ideas:

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