Covergirl super size mascara and Intensify me eyeliner review

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Every girl loves to have long beautiful lashes to give your eyes a little pop to your makeup.  This mascara promises flirty, luscious, bold and long lashes.  Mascara is definitely an important step in my book when applying makeup.

The packaging came in with bright colors and a thick tube that is actually rather large compared to other mascaras that I have owned in the past.  It has bristles that really guide the lashes and leaves it looking beautiful.

I was really impressed with the volume and how long my lashes looked after I applied the mascara.  There was no accident under the eyes as I usually do with other mascaras.  It did get a little clumpy but not that much where it was unbearable.  This mascara does not claim to be waterproof so if you are looking for a mascara that is waterproof then this is not the one.  But, I do have to say that it does not come off that easily.  You will need to use makeup remover or solution for it to come out smoothly.

As for the eyeliner, it has a paddle-ship to create a thick or think line.  I was a little hesitant at the beginning, but I like products that you can use in different t ways.  The eyeliner applied very smoothly and I was amazed how easy it gave me a look of liquid eyeliner, but it was not the liquid eyeliner.  It did last me a few hours, but I wish it would have lased a little longer.

For the few hours that I had the eyeliner, it did not look dry or cracked.  I was able to remove it with eye makeup removal but soap and water did not really work for me.









Would I recommend this mascara? Absolutely! This mascara did the job in my opinion and it did not irritate my eyes which is a huge plus for me! There are so many mascaras that I have tried that really irritate my eyes.  It really did elongate my lashes and made them more noticeable.

Disclaimer: Covergirl Super Size Mascara and Intensify me Eyeliner was provided to me for reviewing purposes only.  My opinions are my own and I like to give my readers and honest opinion on every review.


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