Did the Ugg Boots for Women fashion trend fade?

Ugg boots for Women are a must have for this winter.  I will be the first to say that I rejected wearing these boots for years.  I didn’t like the way they looked and I wanted to wear something more girly.  After going through a rough winter, I decided to give these boots a try and was amazed at how comfortable and warm they were on my feet.

A good pair of Uggs boots for women keeps your feet extremely warm from the frigid winter weather. Besides being extremely warm, the best Uggs have the softest sheepskin. There are so many different types of Uggs; they even have Fuggs which are fake uggs.  It basically comes down to this; you get for what you pay for.

Is it better to get real or fake Ugg boots? In my opinion, the Ugg boots do feel softer than the fake Uggs but it is really your choice.  The fake Uggs can do a similar job at least in keeping your feet warm.  An Ugg has fleece all around the actual boot and the fleece decreases the moisture during the cold winter to maintain the body temperature of your feet.

I would recommend buying the real Ugg boots.  I feel that the quality is better.  When it’s really cold outside, what will matter the most is if your feet are nice and warm.  Believe me, you will not regret it.

Check out these Uggs:


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  • Elisebet F

    I have real and fake. The real are much better! More expensive, but they are warmer, sturdier, and better quality. I consider it an investment. You know what’s funny is I visited Australia in 2004, and guys and girls were wearing Uggs everywhere there. It really wasn’t until a couple years later that it seemed to cross the ocean and become popular in the U.S. Well, for women. I still don’t see guys walking around in Uggs here in the States.

    Anyway, I hope they’re not going out of style soon, because I have a fantastic pair I want to keep wearing for years! So warm…

    • You are absolutely right. I don’t see guys walking around in Uggs. I wonder when it’s going to transition to guys so I guess we shall wait and see lol