Easy Hair Braiding Styles

Looking for new and easy hair braiding styles to do your hair? It is always hard to find new styles when you are on the go.  There are so many ways to do a simple braid and you don’t have to be an expert to do these stylish yet effective looks.  With a little practice, braids can be great for a casual day when your hair does not look great straight and you need a quick fix on the go.  If you can do a simple braid, then you are a step ahead in this game.  Otherwise, here are the steps to do a easy hair braiding style:

Simple braid

1.  Comb through your hair to make three equal parts.

2.  Take the hair on the left and cross over all the way to the right side.  This should create three strands of hair.

3.  Fold the hair from the right to left and then left to right until you reach the length that you desire.

4.  Tie at the end of the braid so that it won’t get loose.

Here are a few tutorial videos that make this process easy to learn while making your hair look great.



How to do a side dutch braid hairstyle for long hair.

I hope you enjoy these great easy hair braiding styles and I will definitely be looking for more styles for this summer.

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