Fashion events this week concluded in New York. Next stop London!

Fashion events this week concluded in New York.  Now, it is London’s turn to put on an amazing fashion show.  After that, it’s Milan and finally Paris.  According to London Fashion, “London fashion week is a dazzling showcase of great British talent.  It’s significance has been growing over the last few years, with strong attendance by press and buyers from around the world”- Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.”  London has always been the edgier fashion event to look out for because they always present new street wear.  Every city has it’s own twist to add, London for being edgy, Milan for having some of the greatest designers like Roberto Cavalli and Dolce and Gabbana.  Paris doesn’t stay behind because they have chic and stylish designs and great parties.

Fashion event designs will eventually make it into the retail chain stores.  You will see the influence one way or another; whether it’s different shades of colors, patterns and cuts.  This is where my excitement comes in to keep an eye out for when those infamous designs actually hits the stores.  Every single buyer and celebrity benefit from the fashion events because this is when they decide what items will stock in department stores or boutiques for the upcoming season.   What’s great about the newer designs is that it’s all about the consumer- us.  Before, designers just focused on how beautiful their design could be but the clothing wasn’t wearable.  I think that now everything has changed and the focus has been shifted.

Fashion events this week is like the Superbowl for anyone who loves fashion.  I always say whether you like it or not, we are constantly bombarded by fashion.  And it’s what you make of it that makes the difference.



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