Find your perfect summer skin care tips


May is Skin Cancer awareness month and I have to say that many women still don’t protect themselves when they go to the beach or the pool.  Speaking from my own experience, I used to go to the beach and bring baby oil so I can get a nice tan but I never thought about wearing sun protection lotion.  I love the summer but the only downfall is that it can really damage your outer layer.

After seeing my skin change throughout the years, I had to stat a ritual and start using lotions.  I had to find perfect summer skin care tips to improve my skin from more sun damage.  Here are my few tips:

1.  Wash your face twice a day in the morning and night.  My skin is really sensitive so I like to use Cetaphil for my skin.  It does not irritate my skin and really washes away all the dirt.

2.  Moisturize twice a day.  For my skin, I always tend to moisturize more than I need to because my skin needs it.  I even wear a moisturizer under my makeup and especially if it has SPF30 if you live in a sunny state.

3.  Use a mask at least once a week or as needed.  I never used to use masks and I have to say that I regret it.  I always had blackheads and after using the masks it helped eliminate this terrible blemish.  Now I use it at least once a week and it also helps me relax.

This is my ritual and I am sure that everyone has different products that they like to use.  I would love to hear what you like to use and what works for your skin.


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  • Angel Balichowski

    Thanks for the tips! I use coconut oil as a sunscreen and moisturizer!

  • Motivating Mommy

    Skin care is so important. I try to take really good care of my skin. Great tips.

  • Beauty for ashes

    Great tips, I also use essential oils and that helps alot

  • Michelle F.

    I need to follow these tips. I really don’t moisturize my face.

  • Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack

    I am only just starting to really try yo take care of my skin. I wish I would have started sooner.

  • Lisa Jones acouponaddict

    Such Great Tips Always Looking For New Ones I’m Constantly Trying To Improve My Skin Thank You!!