Fun indoor games for your kids

paul walking Technology is a great thing but I feel like sometimes it gets in the way of bonding with my kids.  Between television and computers,  it seems like everyone is going off doing their own thing.  It’s hard to stop what you are doing sometimes and just take the time to play with your kids or just talk to them.  But, if you have a hard time to just sit down with them, then here are some ideas on things that you can do with your kids.

1.  Building stuff.  Kids love to build anything from castles to pirate ships.  You can build anything out of blocks or boxes.  You just have to use a little imagination

2.  Indoor bowling is always a fun activity to do! You can purchase one but there are always  fun ways to make your own.  A creative way to make your own is by taking water plastic bottles and line them up to play some bowling ball.  If you want to make it challenging then you can fill it up half way with some water and it will make it a little harder.  The kids would love it!

3.  Simon says: My kids can play this game for hours.  This is a great game to play not only for fun but because it also teaches them to follow directions and instructions.

4.  Indoor basketball is a great way to get the kids moving and it really doesn’t matter if they are old enough.  It’s a great opportunity to for you to also bond with the kids.

5.  Board games is an oldie but a goodie.  Don’t let computers replace the feel of just playing board games.  I feel like it’s a different experience when you play and feel the game as opposed to just playing the games through a computer.

In my opinion, the most important lesson to teach your kids is to teach them that is not all about winning but about having fun.  The kids are so young at this point and some kids can be very competitive.  Honestly, my kids are very competitive at such a young age and I am still teaching them about learning to play and have fun.

Use your imagination and be creative! Send in pictures or more ideas of fun things you do with your family.

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