Get your beach beauty essentials!


Now that Summer is finally here, it is time to get your beach beauty essentials! It’s important to have all your beauty products for when your girlfriends call you to go to the beach.  The number one mistake that I always did was that I always got a tanning lotion without any sunscreen.  I don’t think I ever remember using sunscreen lotion.  When your young, you are just thinking of getting that perfect tan and I even used baby lotion to get really burnt.

As time goes on you realize that your skin is not the same as it used to because after all we age so now all I ever look for is for spf 30 or higher! With that said, I wanted to put together a list of beach beauty essentials that would help you get ready for the beach.  I found this great video by Michelle Phan that has a few items that I must admit I actually need for this summer.

I hope you enjoy this video!

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