Happy 4th of July! Let the festivities begin!

2703441069_2050201e5bLet the 4th of July festivities begin! It is the one holiday where you don’t have to worry about giving gifts, food preparation like Thanksgiving, or the stress of planning a New Year’s Party.  It’s the only time where you get to either do your own BBQ or go to someone else BBQ.  Better yet, go to a beach or pool and just relax! It’s about being with friends and family while watching the fireworks and showing your patriotism.

Not everyone likes to go to a crowded beach or to a crowded park to watch fireworks.  But I grew up in the city where you really didn’t have much of an option but to be pushed around just to see five minutes worth of fireworks.  It was fun though I have to admit when you are younger.

If you want to do something different and exciting, then check out your local fair.  There is nothing better than eating funnel cake and getting on an old Ferris wheel just having some fun.  It’s great because you don’t have to drive too far to an amusement park.  It’s a little time where you get to enjoy a long summer night.

So, get out there and make the best of your 4th of July weekend.  Count your blessings, have some BBQ ribs for me! xoxo

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