Happy Grandparents day! What are your best memories?

1510792_10201333905055113_1247047629_nToday is National Grandparent’s Day and there is nothing sweeter than honoring them on this special day.  When I was younger, I had the privilege of having both of my grandmothers and grandfathers but for today I will speak of my grandparents who lived in New York City.  I loved both of my grandparents very dearly and have special memories of them in my heart.

My grandparents were Rosa and Victor Martinez and I wish they were still here today.  Both of my grandparents lived a remarkable life that inspired me greatly because they were missionaries to the church in the Dominican Republic.

They were the most patient, giving, helping, loving and attentive missionaries that I have met because they really took the time to serve others.  I remember my grandmother always happy and singing a hymn while she was washing dishes or cooking for others.  They were always ready to jump and help anyone who needed help.  All those strolls that we took together with all my cousins to the park will never be forgotten because that is when she would always say a story or quote something and take the time to talk and listen to us.  She always said to me “It’s important to listen to others because you don’t know what problem they may be going through”, and I have never forgotten her words.

As for my grandfather “Papa Victor”, he was never afraid to preach the gospel.  Always ready to share the good news and just talk to anyone who was ready to listen.  I miss his perspective on life and his gentle humor.  I miss the surprising depth of knowledge that he had without finishing school.


For this reason I will always hold them close to my heart.  I could never or will never measure up to them.  I only wish I could be just a little of what they were for the family.  But for now, I miss them both very dearly and I will treasure their memories forever.






What are your best memories with your grandparents?

Happy Grandparents day!

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  • Michelle F.

    My favorite memory of my grandma was when we went to Orlando Fl just use two. We went to all the major parks and it was so much fun spending time just us two.

  • Jessica Young

    I miss my Nana….I still remember her sitting on her front porch spraying her legs with Sun In!

  • Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack

    My Grandmom rocks. We say it all the time. She is almost 97 and still kicking.

  • http://www.frugalfroggie.com/ Beth@FrugalFroggie

    My grandparents have passed. But it is fun to see my parents be grandparents to my kids.

  • http://www.eleryconsultingva.com Ephataya E

    Haha, I still remember the day my grandmother found out I was in MS at my other grandmother’s house. She started yelling to my granddad to get the keys because they were driving to see me (it was about an hours drive). My mother was so mad because she didn’t want them driving so far that late. My grandmother was determined to see me, if only for a few hours 🙂