Happy New Years Resolution 2014! It’s that time again to set your new goals!

8332786000_035b42bc0aAs a new year begins, so many of us start making resolutions and setting new goals.  What is your New Years Resolution for 2014? It could be from losing weight, getting a new job, new house, new baby and so much more; but with new goals comes new conflicts. How many times have you set a goal in your life and when you face a conflict you give up on the goal so quickly?

With every new goal, I feel that a new conflict will arise to make it even tougher for you to achieve it.  It is how you deal with the situation and overcome it that helps you get past it so you can finish what you started.  Otherwise, it will be too easy to get to your goal.  I have set so many goals for myself and I have only found myself asking why I was not able to complete what I started.  This year I will like to change that and actually accomplish what I set my mind to do.

The number one goal every year is losing weight and next on the list is improving your finances or getting a new job.  My new goal for this year is to lose weight and improve my finance as well.  I think that everyone including myself would love to lose at least 20 pounds or more.

What are your new year’s resolution?


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