Have you heard of the Vampire facial?

Many women are always craving for the next big thing that will make their faces look younger and flawless.  But to what extreme are you willing to get these results?  Kim Kardashian experiments with this new trend of getting a Vampire facial.  What is the vampire facial?  The facial involves withdrawing blood from your arm to retrieve the blood platelets, growth factors, and stem cells.  A mixture is created with all of these and re-injected into your face with tiny needles all throughout your face.  This is done to rebuild collagen and smooth skin.

This facial is painful and leaves your face swollen but I still wonder how many women are still willing to go through this excruciating procedure in the name of beauty.  You have to wait at least a day or two before your face looks normal again.  Another debate is that the procedure should be with a yellow plasma and not red blood like Kim Kardashian showed on her TV reality show.  Regardless of whether it is yellow or red, it just doesn’t sit well with me.

I don’t know about you but even if they tell me that there is no danger or risk of infection, I just prefer not to have any blood not even my own anywhere near me.  Just to think about the risk of infection or anything going wrong is appalling.  It also makes me feel uncomfortable to know that this is not FDA approved and scarred that many people will do this facial only because a celebrity did it.  The scary part is that there are some parts of the states that do not even need a physician to be present while this procedure is being done.

There really isn’t any studies that prove that this vampire facial works.  If you still want to try this procedure, at least make sure that it is under a doctor’s care and preferably one that has experience with cosmetic facial treatment.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/Kysweetheart2007 Tabitha Vos

    Ouch, I don’t believe I could go this far personally.

    • That’s how I feel as well. I wonder what else people will come up with to make money? lol

  • Melissa Smith

    I had no idea it was re-injecting the blood! This seems wrong on so many levels. Crazy ones at that!

    • You are absolutely right and I just hope that nothing happens for those who are actually doing it.

  • http://www.lifeinabreakdown.com Sarah Bailey

    I’d read about this before and that post gave the impression it was mixed with something and then massaged onto the face like most other facials and I thought that was bad enough! x

  • jenny at dapperhouse

    WTHeck!?!?!? This is so gross and ridiculous. I cant believe this is being done.

    • All in the name of beauty! lol

  • Becca Wilson

    Oh my gosh that looks painful!

    • It really does look painful so not sure if I would give it a try. Thanks!

  • Fit Radiance

    Oh dear, that looks like torture! Definitely going too far there. Think I’ll stick to my face masks and moisturiser 😉

    • I am right there with you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get to stick around.

  • Jessi Fearon

    Oh wow…..really…wow. This is one facial I definitely won’t be trying. Not BC it looks painful but because I’m not cool with injecting needles all over my face…even if it is my own blood!

  • http://casuallycassi.blogspot.com/ Cassandra Schmigotzki

    I saw the title and thought they’d be draining blood from your face. Either way it’s not for me.
    Happy SITS Day!

  • Happysuz

    Who would do this? What are the results? Do they last? I’d like better skin, but you couldn’t get me to do this in a million years! Happy SITS Day!

  • Bev F.

    Eww, this is just weird. I don’t really understand why people go through these bizarre procedures. I’d rather have premature wrinkles than go through this!

    Happy SITS day!

  • http://www.brooklynactivemama.com Nellie

    I heard about this and remember being thoroughly grossed out!! Leave it to Kimmy Kakes to do it! I personally, could never. I can barely handle peels 🙂 Enjoy your SITS day!

    • I agree! Just looking at blood grosses me out! Thanks for stopping by and hope you get to stick around 🙂

  • Mo at Mocadeaux

    OMG! I can’t believe someone would actually do this to themselves! I’m with you, I’d like for my blood to stay where it belongs and I have no interest in a plasma relocation project involving my face! Happy SITS Day!

  • MamaRabia

    Ouch!! I tell my daughter that beauty can be painful, but usually only when I’m getting tangles out of her hair! Now way would I try this!!

  • http://beingawordsmith.blogspot.com/ Kimberly H. Smith

    I have heard the saying, “You have to suffer for beauty.” But WOW this is taking it to another level. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your SITS Day.

    • I totally agree! It is taking it to another level. But this is why is not meant for everyone. I know for sure I would not try it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can stick around 🙂

  • HomeJobsbyMOM

    That facial doesn’t sound fun at all. Totally not my thing.

  • Keia Blake

    wow this is honestly grossing me out! I really can’t believe people do things like this!
    Stopping by from SITS!
    hope you have a great day!

    • I totally agree with you. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Jean L

    Ummmm. pass. pass big-time. Happy SITS day!

  • Stephanie

    Oh no no no! No way! Happy SITS Day!

  • http://www.adishofdailylife.com/ Michelle Nahom

    There is no way I would do that!! Yikes! Why would anyone put themselves through that?

  • Karma

    Oh what we women do in the name of beauty! I’ll admit…NOT interested in doing this to MY face! Thx for the interesting post!

  • Lynda Self

    All in the name of vanity. I once worked in a hospital as a nursing assistant years ago and will not forget about a patient in ICU all because of wanting to look younger.

    • That is so sad to hear! It’s so sad when you hear of surgeries gone wrong. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Kelly Gentry

    Yea, I totally won’t risk bleeding for beauty (give or take a few blisters on my feet from cute sandals…) Happy SITS Day!

  • Miranda Pridgeon

    No thank you! Aging is a natural process and I’m just going to let it happen. No escaping it. Thanks for sharing! Happy SITS day (sorry I’m late!).