To show a bra or not to show a bra…that is the question!

Every year there is a new trend that emerges.  But this trend of showing a bra through your outfit and to have a cropped stomach just tops it all.  It’s just that no matter how flat your stomach may be…the thought of exposing it is….absolutely terrifying!!! Why would they bring this trend back? And who will start rocking this new trend? I don’t think any woman feels comfortable walking around with their stomach showing.  Unless you are in new york city subway and it’s summertime and all you can feel is that pure heat….that would be the only reason why you would feel the necessity to wear this kind of outfit.

I don’t think that this trend returns too often to the runway and there is a reason why…I mean who wants to see a bare stomach unless it’s toned.  This look has been around for ages, but no matter how long the look has been around it still doesn’t feel like a comfortable outfit to wear.

This got me thinking….it is good to push your comfort zone sometimes and not miss out on a trend just because you feel uncomfortable about yourself.  At the same time, some trends are better left alone.


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