How can you make exercise a habit? Summer is almost here!

7177431824_83efb237bf[1]Every stylish woman knows that if you want to look good then you have to incorporate exercise in your regimen. One of my many excuses is that I don’t see the results fast enough so why should I start now? As a mom of two, I know what it feels like to have that baby weight still there after a year. Who wants to get all sweaty? And who has the time to do an actual exercise routine? I have put off so many excuses in the book and did not want to take the time to actually exercise because I was too tired after taking care of my two kids for the day. Once you start exercising regularly you will most likely end up liking it or just getting used to it.
After seeing some old friends, I got inspired to make some drastic changes with my exercise routine. It’s really important that I incorporate slowly some kind of change in my routine. So, I asked my friend Jeff Johnson, a personal trainer, for some quick advice on how to make exercise a habit?
1. What advice can you give people like me who want to start but don’t know where to start?
My advice to new people is to take baby steps. Don’t rush into anything to fast because then you will give up! Do the workout you love to do! Train for something that you are excited to do in everyday life like a hobby: golf, tennis, basketball, etc…. Workouts should be enjoyable not a drag. We all need to stay fit so pick something you love!

2. What is your daily routine? Or how do you start the day?
My daily routine now is to get the boys ready for school, train my clients every morning, and work out to the Body Beast program by Beachbody. Then I take my P90X recovery drink after the workout to keep the soreness away and grow my muscle mass.

3. Which routine do you personally recommend?
I have a lot of routines that I recommend, but it depends on the person. Since I am a Beachbody coach I will recommend some of their products. For a person that seems to have no time for a workout, they should go with Tony Horton’s 10 Minute trainer; great workout in only 10 minutes. Believe me I have done this one and it kicks my butt! For the intermediate person something like Chalene Extreme, Slim in 6, even Power 90. For the advanced, P90X, P90X2, Insanity, or TurboFire. These are all great workouts and will get you in the best shape of your life! There is something for everyone. I will add though that if you want great abs, it starts in the kitchen. Eat nutritious meals every day to go with those workouts and you will see results a lot faster. I recommend Shakeology to start your day because it is fast to make but extremely nutritious.

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  • Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    For me, the first point is key. I have to enjoy what I am doing or else I just won’t stick with it! I always feel better after I exercise, but sometimes need that little extra motivation to get moving. It helps when I enjoy it! 🙂

    • Kim, you are absolutely right. I do feel better too after I exercise and especially if it’s something I like to do. It helps when you also have a supporting team like your family and friends to help motivate you. Thanks for the comment!