How do I go about homeschooling?


Now that my oldest is getting ready for school, I have had to sit down and think whether I should homeschool or send them off to school.  How do I go about homeschooling? I have really been debating this issue and didn’t want to think about it before because I am extremely torn, but there are days that I feel like I want to homeschool them so that I have better control of their environment and what they are learning.  And then there are other days that I feel like they would be better in school with other children.  Now, the question embarks upon how things are done nowadays.  School is not the same as it used to be back when I went.  It is a scary world out there now and it’s not only kids but teachers and staff as well.  Every day you hear something new, a coach molested the kids or a teacher.

So now I have to start thinking which direction I would like to go: Homeschool or School? I have no idea where to begin or what to do.  Because I am a stay-at-home mom, I can consider the homeschool option.  This is what I researched about where to start in homeschooling.  I am sure there are even more steps to do but it’s all about taking the first step.  These are the first steps of things to do if you were to homeschool.

  1. Involve your kids in an activity or sport.  It is important that your kids learn social skills and stay active.  Some schools may not even offer sports at their age so if you are able to get them involved then you are already at an advantage.
  2. Look for a local support group that meets throughout the week.  It’s a great way for your kids to meet new kids but also for moms to meet other moms who also homeschool.
  3. Make sure to research the legal aspect of homeschooling.  It is important to know what is required to home educate your child legally within your state.  There are so many requirements that you need to know that it is better to join a local group that can help you with this aspect.
  4. Be prepared for critics.  There will be so many family and friends who will give their opinions.  You will have those who will support you and those who will only criticize.  So be mentally prepared for this and just know that whatever decision you make, it’s best for you and the family.
  5. Take the time to educate yourself and research lesson plans.  It takes a lot of work and effort to prepare lesson plans but it will be worth it in the end.  If you see that you have your child’s attention, then you know that you did a great job at preparing yourself to teach.

Please don’t get me wrong I have no intentions of sheltering my kids so that they don’t have social skills.  I just want to explore all of my options at the moment and make a decision that is best for me and my family.  Every parent wants the best for their kids so you decide what you think is best for your family.

What are your thoughts on homeschooling?


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  • Granny Beth

    I just retired from teaching. Most of the students I’ve met through the years really benefitted educationally from homeschooling. Individual attention is always better than being lost in a crowd. There was also a real advancement in accountability. However. As good as they were educationally, they were as behind socially. Yes they made friends well, but were woefully underprepared for the more unpleasant aspects of life. Justly two cents

    • Thanks for those great tips! It’s always nice to hear other perspectives.

  • Ana

    Great list! My niece is homeschooled and I think #2 will come in handy!

  • heatherdw

    Great post! I’ve been saying for a few years not that if I manage to have a child, I will homeschool it. It does seem so daunting though!