How do you let go of your toddler?

IMG_1259Now that I will be a working mom, I was super excited about going back to work and just thinking about having to actually have adult conversations, but then one night it hit me.  I won’t be able to enjoy my kids as much as I am able to do right now. How do you let go of your toddler? It was a privilege for me to stay home and watch my kids achieve their milestones.

To be able to see them in the morning and say good morning and put them down for their naps.  Play with them at the park and watch them learn how to climb.  Read stories in the park or listen to them telling me stories.  Out of all the activities, I love listening to my oldest telling me stories.  His imagination is beyond me.  The way that he tells the story is so lively and he makes you feel like you should have been there.

I will miss the way they are just starting to fight with one another, even though it could be annoying, but I just find it adorable that they are now starting to annoy each other; it’s too funny now! I know later when they get older it won’t be so funny anymore, but I will miss it.  I will miss painting with them and running with them and all the activities that we did as a family.

Now I just have to make sure that every weekend is planned, that way I can make sure that I am spending quality time with the kids.  It’s about making the best of the little bit that you have and just making it work.

This is going to be harder than I thought or am I just being a baby? Why is this so hard for me to do when so many moms work every day?

Most of their days are now going to be with someone else.  They will pick up their mannerisms and the way they handle doing things now.  Am I comfortable with that?  I was really debating this question and I wondered how many moms face this same question.  How do you deal with all these questions and uncertainty? It takes a long time and effort to raise your kids the way you want them to be raised and now in a matter of months it could all change.  How could you still stay connected to your toddler? I may not have the answer right now because it is what I am struggling with but I am proud to share my journey with you as I go through this transition.  I am sure there will be much more for me to learn and learning how to juggle everything.

How do you balance letting go of your toddler while still staying connected?

Join me on my new journey as a working mom, wife, and a blogger.

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  • Tabitha Vos

    I don’t have kids but I can understand what you are saying here. I think my sister has faced that the last few days with just letting her kids go back to school. She says it still hurts as bad on the first day of school for her 4th grader as it is her 1st grader.