How do you wear a crop top?

8280888440_26bab8e666 As I walked through the streets of Manhattan, the first thing I noticed was that crop tops were back in style.  I just could not believe that the 90s trends has re-entered the fashion world again.  I saw so many people wear it the right way but boy did I see so many ways that was worn so badly.  When you wear a crop top correctly, it could be cute and sexy.  They could add a personality to your wardrobe and make you feel free.  But, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it then please do us all a favor and don’t wear it.  If you are going to be pulling on the top and trying to cover yourself then you should have never gotten that top.

How do you wear a crop top? In my opinion, it’s all about individuality.

  •  You could match a crop top with a high-waisted skirt or shorts.  I feel that if it is high-waisted, then it prevents you from having an accident from showing a little bit too much skin.  In my opinion, you don’t want to show off too much skin so that you can show that you are also classy.
  • An embellished crop top can be your cute outfit for a girl’s night out.  It can be worn a little sexy or just a relaxed look to be out with the girls.
  • A big no-no is to wear a bra as a crop top.  I actually saw a girl walking around in a bra thinking that she actually looked cute.  But the bra was not even pretty and it was just not flattering at all.

It’s all about adding your own personality to your wardrobe and making it work.  At the end of the day, you are wearing the outfit not the other way around.  Have confidence and have fun with your crop top.  You could even make your own crop top and make it more personable.  Here is a video that I found on how to make your own crop top.

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  • Michelle

    Great article!! I love crops!!