How many different ways can I wear a scarf?

5447732257_d05d009d2b_zMany of us really think that you have to have a long neck to be able to wear a scarf in so many different ways but it’s not true.  Now that Spring is around the corner there are going to be days when you feel like you are in between outfits not too cold and not too hot.  When I found this video, I was completely thrilled because I got too learn myself new ways to tie a scarf.

A scarf can really change an outfit so have fun and learn some new tricks!

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  • Michelle F.

    I love how you can change up the scarf just by wearing it a different way.

  • Misty Lunceford

    Wow I never knew there was so many ways to wear a scarf. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  • A Spectacled Owl

    That video was fascinating! I always see women wearing scarfs but I had no idea how they made them look so nice or that there were so many different ways to wear it!

  • An Ordinary Housewife

    I’ve never really been a scarf person, but sometimes I see one that looks so good it makes me feel like I want to wear one!