How to complain less and be truly content!

299122321_e9c75c89a8How many times have you looked at the things that you have and still managed to complained about everything? You complain about your finances, job, husband, friendships and pretty much everything that’s annoying you.  Complaining is something that we tend to do naturally. One day I noticed that at work I was sort of complaining more than the usual so I decided to challenge myself and see how long could I last without complaining.  I then told my co-worker and they gave me the strangest look and walked away.  This is how the challenge in my life began.

In my situation, there are layoffs happening at my job and it is very unsettling not knowing if you will be next.  The only thing that you hear all day is who got laid off or who is leaving next?  It is very stressful to be in that type of environment.  Regardless of my surroundings, I just want to stop hearing myself complain and whine.  It’s kind of annoying even to myself.  lol. As a result, I made some minor changes in hopes that I will make a difference.

1.  Distract yourself to keep your mind occupied.  This will help you stop focusing only on the negative.  When I saw co-workers gathering to complain, I went the other way or just went back to work.  It’s not that I am trying to be anti-social but just more productive.

2.  Stop being judgmental.   How many times do we judge others? Whether we complain about the bad service at the restaurant to people at work who just annoys us.  We judge others if they seem to be too perfect or too pretty.  How about changing the way you think and actually trying to look at the best in people?

3.  Find something that can make you really happy.  Pick up a new hobby, craft or a project and it can make a difference in your life.  It won’t completely eliminate your desire to complain but it can help you reduce it.  Exercising is a great outlet but there are so many other things that you can do to help youself.

Be happy with what you have because you may not know that someone else might actually want what you have.  This is in my experience but I would love to hear what your experience is.  Tell me your thoughts.

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