How to deal with toddler tantrums?


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Now that my youngest is becoming a toddler, I can see her personality coming out more every day.  After a rough day of tantrums, I asked myself how to deal with toddler tantrums?  I always heard the phrase that each child is different but I thought that even when they are different the techniques never change.  But, I was wrong because my two toddlers are completely different and deal with things differently.  It’s almost like my 18-month old turned on a switch and is changing personality.  She never gave me any problems with eating but now she never wants to eat.  She was a quiet baby but now she loves to scream.  Is it the beginning of the terrible twos? If it’s so then she has a head start on it.  It takes a lot of patience to be able to figure out what your toddler wants when they can’t use their words but use screams instead.

It’s difficult dealing with two different personalities when they themselves are learning how objects, people, and their own bodies work.  They want a sense of independence and control over everything and they want to communicate but they have the lack of language.

When I get stressed out, I just take a moment for myself by giving myself a facial mask or taking a walk with the kids.  Facials can be so relaxing and make you feel refreshed at the same time.  I can’t let the tantrums get the best of me because life is too short after all.  In the end, you don’t want to show the kids that they are getting to you because then they know how to get their way.

For now, I am just dealing with each day as it comes and hoping for the best.  I am actually hoping that it’s just the terrible two’s and it will all be over soon.  It’s all about being fashionable in your own way so do what you have to do to keep your sanity but add grace to whatever you do.

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  • Tabitha Vos

    I am not a mom, but it does sound as if you are doing everything right. Maybe it is just the terrible 2’s and she too will grow out of this phase. Hang in there!

    • charisbydesign

      Thanks for the encouraging words!

  • Sarah Bailey

    I’m not a Mum so sadly I can’t offer any advice – but glad to hear you are having some ‘me’ time as well – as I do think having your own time to de-stress can make all the difference.

    • charisbydesign

      It is a challenge to get ‘me’ time but it’s really important to get that time. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming. Thanks!

  • Cyndie Norell

    I have a child with autism. Routine is the key factor!!

    • charisbydesign

      I absolutely agree! My kids know when they are out of schedule and they let me know too! lol

  • Becca Wilson

    My son loves to show his butt whenever the worst timing is there. I don’t know how to keep my cool is my only problem. Thanks for the advice!

    • charisbydesign

      That is the funniest thing ever and am sure it could be frustrating as well. My friend has a son who likes to pick his nose in the middle of the picture and I think it’s really funny. Thanks for sharing!

  • MamaRabia

    My older son likes to throw a tantrum to protest the attention that his little brother gets for throwing a tantrum. Quite a cycle, in my house! ARGH!! 🙂

  • vinma

    Tantrums can push you off your edge and makes you snappy and in bad mood all day long. Its hard but the only consolation is that it is just a phase it will pass 🙂 Have a wonderful SITS day 🙂

    • You are absolutely right. The secret is staying calm in the middle of the storm. Even though, I have to be honest it is tough! But, I am sure that parenting is all about making the best out of every situation. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stick around 🙂

  • Suzanne

    I’m still learning how to deal with tantrums (my almost-two-year-old just started throwing them recently) but it’s such a learning curve. What works for my friends toddlers doesn’t work with her.
    On the other hand, kids this age are so cute and so much fun that it mostly makes the tantrum stage worthwhile. Mostly. Haha.
    Happy SITS day!

    • charisbydesign

      You are right! What may work for one child may not work for the next. It’ all about being patient and learning how to stay calm. But you are right, being able to communicate with them more is more fun than when they were babies. Then again, I do miss the long naps lol Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stick around 🙂

  • Karma

    I do not have kids yet, but, I do feel in my recovery @fter abuse, that I sometimes act this way and I have NO way of dealing with my tantrums sometimes except to ignore the bad behaviour! lol Great post and good luck!

  • Kate

    Oh goodness! I can relate. It’s amazing how they change. Mine is doing the same. I still haven’t mastered how to conquer the tantrums! It’s scary, I have two under two. Happy SITS day!

  • Erin S at

    I am dealing with this exact issue now with my toddler. It is difficult to step away and find that zen, but you are right, it is important to stay focused otherwise the know how to push your buttons. Happy SITS Day!

  • Melanie Davis

    Twos can be frustrating at times because of the communication issue. Some times I just can’t understand what they are saying! Who wouldn’t be frustrated. However I must say that the twos are not that terrible. Watch out for the thunderous threes. Then they can communicate and think they can make decisions and do things for themselves.

    Happy Sits Day!