How to do Christmas with no money

christmas treeChristmas is a holiday that some people despise and others just love.  I particularly love the holidays because of everything that happens throughout the holidays.  I love the Christmas music, the Christmas lights, and of course watching your kids get all excited about Christmas as well.

I could understand why some people may not like the holidays; getting in debt is one of them.  After doing many mistakes, I finally learned the hard way that it is not worth putting gifts on credit cards just to show someone how much you love them with an expensive gift.

Many people get caught up on trying to give the best gifts and end up in debt! It really isn’t worth it to get in debt so I am just giving a few tips on ideas on how to still get toys or clothes with just a little bit of money:

1. The dollar tree store is your best friend.  Just purchasing Christmas decorations like Christmas lights  can save you money.

2.  Consignment stores have great toys to look for your kids.  Make sure that you go early in the morning so you get the best stuff that is out first.

3.  Goodwill stores are great stores to shop in as well.  You can find great deals but you have to go at least three times a week to find what you are looking for.

If you have no money, then try these resources:

1.  Local churches are great places to ask for help.  Some churches even have programs that adopt families for Christmas.

2.  Salvation Army is a great place to get food and clothes.

3.  Center for Food Action have locations in Englewood and Mahwah if you are in need for another resource.

I am positive that I only listed a few from all the help that is really out there.  If you don’t need any of these resources, then keep it in the back of your head because you never know when someone you know may need it.

Holidays is the gift of giving and sharing with those you love.  Take a moment to show someone how much you care and it doesn’t have to be by buying them gifts.

Happy Holidays!


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