How to fix a beauty mistake: Tips on how to fix your makeup accidents and more

Have you ever had one of those days when everything just seems to go wrong? Well, I have and to add to that I am also very clumsy.  I have learned from my beauty mistakes though and I want to share with you how to fix a beauty mistake.

Mistake #1: How do you fix too much blush?  First, you take some clear powder on a makeup sponge and blend it over the area where it is too bright.  Take your time in blending it so that it doesnt look like you have two shades of color on your face.  If it still looks like you have to much on your cheeks then take a little bit of foundation on a makeup wedge and just blot in the needed areas until they become even.

Mistake #2: How do you fix a streaky self-tanner? I always wanted to have a tan look but if you don’t do it correctly, the results can be devastating and laughable at the same time, lol.  This may sound strange but my mom told me to use a lemon wedge and apply it to the affected area.  It really did work! To fill in the light streaks, take the same self-tanner and apply it gently with a makeup wedge; just make sure that you spread it out evenly.  I always prefer using bronzers with a small blush brush to cover it up temporarily.

Check out this translucent powder:

Mistake #3: How do you fix highlights that are way too light? I don’t know if this has happened to you before but it sure has happened to me.  The worst part about it was that my hair colorist was away on vacation and I am very picky as to who does my hair because of all the bad experiences that I have had over the years.  I always recommend that you go back to the original hair colorist and ask them to fix it but if you were in a scenario like mine then here is what I suggest you do.  First, wash your hair twice with a caramel-hued color depositing shampoo to deepen the highlights and add a rich color.

Check out this caramel-hued depositing shampoo:

Mistake #4: How do you fix a smudged nail polish? I have ruined my nail polishes so many times after leaving from the nail salon that I just got frustrated and decided that I needed to learn a quick fix.  Here is what you do, dip the nail that is smudged into a small bowl of nail polish remover and gently blend away the smear with your finger.  Be very gentle! Then add another coat of clear polish instead of more color.  This method has worked for me and I hope it works for you too.

Even though at the moment you may not feel as happy to have had these mishaps happen to you, but if you look at it on the bright side you can always use these experiences to help others. LOL!

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