How to get your kid to smile for pictures?


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Why is it such a challenge to get your kid to smile for the camera? It’s almost like they do it on purpose or they just don’t really like to take pictures. If your kids are like mine, then you can relate because I can’t tell you how many times I have to attempt to take just that one good picture. I am not even looking for perfect but at least presentable. I really do wish there was a way where you can just get that perfect shot just one time but there really isn’t so for now I just try to make the best of every situation. I may not know all the tricks of the trade but this is what I have learned and it has worked for me. Here are my tips on how to get your kid to smile for pictures:
1. Don’t say cheese. I say monkey, dog, Mickey Mouse but just not cheese. There is something about saying cheese that makes them squirm away from the camera. They either make the silliest faces or just look away from the camera because they know that mommy is trying to take a picture of them. Sometimes this works but sometimes even this can be challenging too. Try to get words that they love to say and make a silly sound so that they can laugh at you and then you can take that shot.
2. Take multiple shots so you can have more to choose from. If you only take one shot and it’s not a good one then you won’t have the choice to choose another one. You don’t know how many pictures I have on my phone or camera. It’s full of the same pictures which reminds me to delete pictures that you don’t want anymore. That has always been my predicament. I tend to forget to delete pictures until I have no more space and I have to delete as I go.
3. Don’t give up trying to get that nice shot. I remember taking holiday photos and it was the most frustrating moment that I have ever went through. In the end, I broke my back and the kids ended up crying. The best shots were the ones when they were playing and reading a book. I definitely learned my lesson.
4. Don’t push it! Nobody else knows your child like yourself. So, you should know when your child wants to stop. If they are tired and don’t want any more pictures then it’s better to stop and start again later. You don’t want them to hate taking pictures all together.

It’s about having fun with the pictures and showcasing your kids personality.  Even if they don’t smile, it is still in my mind a beautiful picture.


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  • Adrienne Bolton

    #1 is so true! When you say CHEEESE, they tend to make squishy nose faces.