How to give your dresser a new makeover

Author: April Blake Johnson

dresser diy

I’m a big fan of bargains.  I’m also a big fan of being creative and resourceful.  Lucky for me, I have a house full of things that  needs a little updating on a little budget.  Since Pinterest has been introduced into my life, I’ve had a sudden surge of inspiration to give things a try. 

My hope is to give others helpful advice and ideas to take on their own project.  Take my word for it, even if the end product isn’t perfect, you will love it far more than anything you could ever buy.  Let me introduce you to a project that I recently did from a dresser that I used as a changing table.

Step 1: This dresser was given to me, and looked to be straight up out of the 80’s with ugly hardware and an orangey finish.  If you don’t have one available…..your local Goodwill has these constantly, and very cheap!

Step 2: I sanded this down and slapped on some black paint (I happen to have some on hand, so I did not need to purchase any)

Step 3: I took off the old hardware and added some modern looking brushed nickel pulls ($1.25 each at my local store).

Step 4: I took out the top 3 drawers and painted the inside black.

Finally: Found baskets to fit on the top for a fresh new look! ($14 each at my local craft store)

Let me know your thoughts.  I would love to hear your opinion.

Below are the before pictures:















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