How to reduce cellulite fast

diogillardCellulite are what I call dimples in areas that you don’t want them to be in your body. Everyone is looking for a way to reduce cellulite or to completely eliminate them fast.  The causes of cellulite are for the following reasons:

1. Diet- this is the number one reason why many of us get cellulite. It is when you diet too hard or too much and that extra fat builds up to these nice little dimples around your thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen.   If you also eat lots of carbs and not enough water, it can also increase the visibility of stretch marks and cellulite.

2. Genetics- no matter what you may do to prevent from getting cellulites; it’s in the genes. Your body is quicker to get cellulite either because of a slow metabolism, circulation problems or just the family DNA.


3. Hormones- changes in your hormones can also trigger you to get more cellulite.

Most treatments will not eliminate the cellulite, but it will help the appearance of them.  Maintaining a good eating habit and exercise will help you reduce cellulite but it will not eliminate it.

Take time and effort to take care of your skin by allowing yourself to indulge in a monthly massage.  It will definitely help increase blood circulation and help reduce cellulite; and it can be beneficial to you with a moment to relax your mind, body and soul.

Also add a firming lotion to your routine.  You may not see a big change but you will see a difference with time.

Another remedy that I found helpful is with coffee.  It is messy but it is really good for the skin.  I have included this youtube video that gives you the homemade recipe with the coffee.

If cellulite is a problem for you as many other women, then it is time to take action and start doing something about this problem.  It is time for you to make a change and reduce cellulite and be happy in your own skin.

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