How to stay chic and warm during this cold winter

3319756579_7952b3c6f4Last week was tough because of the polar vortex that we experienced.  In New Jersey, temperatures dropped as low as 2 degrees.  It was not as low as the Midwest experienced -15 degrees and -30 degrees.  This freezing temperature caused many accidents and delays; I am sure much more damage than I could fathom.  But, it made me think if it is possible to stay chic and warm during this cold weather?

It is so easy to just be as plain as you could possibly be in this weather because you are just looking for something that is going to keep you warm.  But, the good news is that you can still stay chic and warm during this cold weather.  There is no reason why anyone would like to go monochromatic this season.  By adding a hat or scarf that has a pop of color you can add some fun to this winter blues.  Here are a few styles that you can keep you warm and bring in some fun:

1.  Colorful hat beanies: These little beanies can really do it’s magic because it does keep you warm.  They come in all different colors.


2.  Fur keeps you warm; even though some people are against showing support to fur.  I have to admit that the times that I actually wore a piece that I borrowed, it kept me so nice and toasty.  It is also trendy and functional at the same time.


3.  Over-the-knee boots is a staple for this winter.  I think that this boot can keep you warm and look stylish.


Next time you have an arctic blast coming your way, then make sure that you have your essentials so you are ready to go and beat the cold with these cold weather accessories.




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  • reesa l

    I really want a pair of boots like those!!!!

  • Lisa Jones acouponaddict

    Great Ideas Thanks For Sharing!!

  • Tabitha Willette

    Some cute items thank you for sharng

  • Joanna Sormunen

    Great tips for the cold weather! It seems that you have had that enough this winter. Hope the spring comes there soon.

  • Our Family World

    I’ve always loved boots like that! My son has been wearing what we call touques and you call beanies around the house as well as outside 🙂
    ~ Kimberly