How to stop sibling rivalry

Day 252 - Sibling RivalsEver since my daughter turned two years old, she really did learn how to annoy my son and even poke him at times.  She knows how to push his buttons and take all his toys.  I am surprised that rivalry starts so early.  I always thought that it would start when they were at least 5 years old, but not in my house. They are both always taking each other toys, screaming at each other, chasing each other and annoying each other.  My four year old is already asking me for mommy time and wants to be alone with me so that my daughter doesn’t interrupt playtime.  So how do we deal with all this brother-sister drama at this young age?

1.  Explain yourself.  Don’t just correct them and walk away.  It’s important to take the time to explain yourself why you are correcting them so they can learn what they are doing wrong.  I know it sounds easy but it’s really hard to do when your kids are not listening to you and you just want them to stop misbehaving.

2.  Pay special attention to your kids individually.  Every sibling fights for the parents attention so just take a moment to create those special moments with each sibling at a time.  It’s hard to do when they are both screaming at you because they want to play but if you take a minute to play with the both of them plus individual time they won’t feel jealous.

3.  Kids shadow everything that you do so be an example to your kid.  That means if you have a sibling and you constantly fight with yours then your kids would think it’s normal for them to fight because you do it.  Be an example and show your kids that no matter what the differences are that you still love your brother or sister and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Believe me, I do not have the answers for everything because I am still learning so much of parenthood.  But I do know that actions always speak louder than words.  If you want your kids to respect, then respect others.  You want your kids to help then help others. We make the difference in our kids and it starts with us first.

Let me know your thoughts.

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