How to wear a pencil skirt: Day or night!

Every women’s wardrobe must have a staple and in my opinion having a pencil skirt is one of those items that every women should have without question.  I love pencil skirts because they give you elegance and flatter your body at the same time.

The beauty of a pencil skirt is that you can take it from morning to evening depending on the accessories and shoes that you wear.  This skirt in particular can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with flats.  Just pair it with a tee, tank, or blouse and you can update your look in just a few minutes.  There are so many different skirts with fun prints or if you want to be safe then go with a solid color.

If you have problems with your hips like me, then you might want to get a skirt that can stretch.  Believe me a little bit of stretch can go a long way, lol.  It can hug your hips and give you a lean look but if you don’t choose the right size then it can look really tight on your body and make it you look bigger.  A classic look is wearing a black skirt with a white blouse and heels.  This is my favorite look because it is elegant and chic.  At the same time, a floral print can be fun if done correctly.  I would wear a simple plain top with ballet flats or heels if you want to dress up.

The skirt is versatile so it’s about using creativity and making it look unique so it can stand out. You can even make your own skirt if you really want to be unique.  But, if you are not as crafty then shopping around until you find the one that you love is the way to go.  There are a few retailers that you can get great pencil skirts for a great price.  One of my favorites of course has to be Forever 21.  It has an excellent price and great prints at the same time.  Let me know where you go to get great pencil skirts for a great price and comment below!



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