How to wear jewelry with pizzazz

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Many women ask the question how to wear jewelry but the real question is do you wear the jewelry or does it wear you? Jewelry is much more than what meets the eyes.  It can change an outfit from plain to glamorous or adds pizzazz by adding some color.  Jewelry can reflect your personality.  There are women who prefer necklaces and others who prefer plain studs.  I truly believe that you should take a moment to always explore and try new jewelry.

Here are a few tips:

  1.  When choosing big or small jewelry, always choose your outfit first.  Choose jewelry that makes you feel comfortable as well.  You don’t have to wear a big bulky piece that is too heavy for your neck just because you think it will look great.
    1. Chunky necklaces do not really work with turtlenecks or blouses.  It can look stunning when you pair it with open neck tops, t-shirts, and dresses (crew, v-neck, scoop or strapless).
    2. Coordinate colors.
      1. Basically this means that you have to coordinate the colors of the jewelry.  Some women forget the earrings that they are wearing and just pile up a nice necklace that really does not match the pair of earrings.  At the same time this does not mean that you cannot wear gold with silver or just mix and match your jewelry.  It just means to be careful not to look like a Christmas ornament.  If you prefer to keep one pair of earrings on then try to stick with either diamond studs or pearls.
      2. Another factor to consider is to match the color of the jewelry with the outfit as well.  I think it is a travesty when you see red necklace with a green dress.  Unless of course it is during the holidays.
      3. A popular jewelry is the bib jewelry.  You can wear this piece of jewelry with a strapless dress, cocktail dress or with a t-shirt and jeans when you want to look chic.
      4. The type of necklace you choose should also match the type of neckline that you are wearing.
        1. If you are wearing a v-neck then look for a necklace that is also shaped as a V.
        2. If you are wearing a scoop neck, then wear a necklace that will have the same shape as a scoop.

Bring life to an old outfit with a new necklace and mix different shapes of necklaces to bring a new dimension and look.  Have fun with the accessories.



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