How to wear orange lipstick for fall 2012

As fall has already started and Halloween is just around the corner, I thought about wearing orange with several outfits to celebrate this season.   A vibrant orange lipstick has made its way over from the streets of London to New York.  It is such an unusual color that I got this question from many readers on how to wear orange lipstick for fall.

There are so many ways to wear this color, you can go either bold or very subtle and yet still look great.  With that said, here is the answer to the question, how to wear orange lipstick? It can be worn in the summer or in the fall.  Orange lipstick may not be something that I have felt comfortable with using in the past but once you learn a few tips then you can start to wear it more often.  It is all about experimenting even if you make mistakes.  Something to keep in mind is that this color can be worn not only in the fall but during the summer too.

Here are a few tips that I have learned:

  1.  Eye Shadow- When wearing a bold orange, stay away from using excessive eye shadow.  It would be even better if you choose not to wear any eye shadow, in my opinion, but if you want to wear it then choose a light brown color. Metallic colors for an evening wear can look fabulous.
  2. Eyeliners- can also make the face look too harsh.  If using eyeliner, then just use a little bit and not too much.  It’s important to just focus on certain areas of your face and not overwhelm it with too much makeup.
  3. Bronzer- when wearing orange because it can give you a tanned look in less than a minute.
  4. Skin tone: Remember your skin tone when choosing an orange lipstick.  Usually it is said that the lighter you are then the darker you should choose.  But I always say that fashion is about you making it your own.
  5. Outfit: Putting together a look with an orange lipstick can be challenging to some but don’t be afraid of trying out new looks.  In the runway, orange has been paired with white but I think that orange can look fabulous with neutrals and gold tones.   As long as you don’t use orange or green then I think you can be extremely creative.
  6. Mascara: It is really important to wear mascara even if you don’t wear eyeshadow.


What is the first step? Go out and have some fun!
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