Last minute Father’s Day ideas

As you grow old, the more you tend to appreciate your dad.  You may have had differences and lots of arguments but in the end, you appreciate all that they did for you as a kid.  I encourage everyone to not waste their time on the small stuff and just appreciate your dad for who they are with every bit of imperfection.  Reach out to your dad and thank him for all the wonderful stuff that he has done for you.  No matter how big the fight could have been…there is no better gift to give to your dad than your sweetest appreciation.

If you can try to amend an argument, please do so because you just never know what tomorrow might bring.


Here are my top three best gift ideas:

  1. Kindle
  2. Coleman Road trip grill
  3. Favorite book on his interest

Best of all enjoy your day! And Happy Father’s Day to all!

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