Last minute unique Happy Valentines Day idea

Still looking what to get your significant other? Did you wait until the last minute unique Happy Valentines day idea?  The day is not over yet so there is still time to do some more research and having a perfect Valentine’s Day.

1.  Indoor picnic has been my utmost favorite.  Just grab a blanket and make your own food; it will set the perfect mood for two.  Spend your valentine’s day enjoying some alone time instead of the business of a restaurant.  Don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine or something bubbly.

2.  Ice Skating always makes a super-fun Valentines Day setting.  You can get cozy for a couple’s skate and share a hot chocolate together.  This is not something that you do everyday, so why not do a fun activity together that will set the day apart from any other day?  I lived in New York City and ice skating was my favorite activity.  It was so much fun to go to Rockfeller Center or Central Park and watch many couples ice skating together on their first date.

3.  Bowling is not glamorous but it is really fun.  If you are a laid back kind of person, then this is the perfect way to celebrate this special day.  You don’t have to dress up and be glamorous.  It’s all about grabbing a cold drink, junk food and having some healthy competition.  I always say that you can make it more interesting by promising some kind of Valentine’s Day prize.

4.  Lingerie is always something fun to give for her.  Here are some gift Valentine’s Day ideas:


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