Latest 2012 Summer Trends

Looking for the latest and newest 2012 summer trends? Always look for a unique item that you could reuse with different outfits.  It could be a shoe or a handbag that you can pair with a different look.

When I think of summer, I think bright colors.  So, for this summer, you will see lots of bold graphics, bright colors and lots of flowery prints.  If you do not feel comfortable rocking a bold graphic, then pair with a neutral color.

Dresses: Do not be scared of pairing a cute black dress with some bold blue shoes.  The best thing about fashion is to not only break rules but to make your own rules.  Many people ask the question: can you wear black and blue? Back in the days, it was a big no no to pair them together! Nowadays you can mix them together and look fabolous!

  • Floral prints: Floral prints are always feminine whether the pattern is for a blouse or for a pair of pants.
  • Geometric print: this print is not for everyone.  You have to know how to pair with the right accessories and shoes, but it is a fun and eye-catching print.  It also could have a vintage feel to it.

Accessories:  As for accessories, please keep it to a minimum.  You will not need lots of accessories when you have a bold graphic or a geometric print.  Keep it simple and beautiful.

Shoes:  For those of you who love to accent their outfits with a great pair of shoes, you will be happy to know that for this season there are lots of colors.

  • Boat shoes: they are comfortable and come in so many different colors.  These shoes are in style for both men and women.   I love these shoes because for a mom who just has to run out of the house and needs something comfortable, these are the shoes to go for.
  • Wedge shoes: This is my favorite shoe because they are comfortable and stylish for many occasions.

Always look for the latest 2012 summer trends and don’t forget to have fun with colors!  Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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