Life is a roller coaster but so is parenting


Life can be an exhilarating roller coaster.  The exciting expectation as the cart is pulled to the very top of the track followed by the screaming and adrenalin-filled drop only to be brought back up again is thrilling.  Life can give you that kind of feeling when you are riding high like when you are getting married, graduating from high school or college and then down when you get some terrible news.  But nothing really compares to the excitement of becoming a parent.  All of a sudden you are not just taking care of yourself but your little one as well.

As parents we put all of our hopes and wishes on our children.  When we look into their eyes, no matter how exhausted and tired we are, we always want to take care and protect them.  We can support and teach them right from wrong, but no matter how great of a parent you are, your kids can still go on the path that you do not wish for them to go.  We need to remember that they will have a mind of their own.  They will never be a clone of us because they will have their own decisions to make.

I think it’s all about how you handle the situation and view life.  Sometimes life can be rough but just remember that the ride may be over soon and you will see every thing in a new light tomorrow.  Don’t let life bring you down even when you are going through a rough time.  It’s not easy to do but it does make every moment in life better.

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