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kardashian1As a New Yorker, I always like to visit the latest restaurant or exciting new place in New York.  This is one place that I wanted my kids to experience in New York City because it would be an unforgettable moment.  At first, I was a little hesitant visiting this place because I was not sure if my kids would love it or hate it.  My kids can let you know off the bat if they don’t like the place, lol.

When we arrived I was impressed that my son actually recognized the first wax figure that he saw and that was Derek Jeter.  The wax figures are so realistic that my kids thought it was a real person initially.  The best part of the museum is that there is a good mix of figures from celebrities to important historical figures.  My kids enjoyed this part the most because they are intrigued to hear more about the story of what those people accomplished and how they made a difference in the world.  They were also fascinated with the history of how the wax figures got started and the process of making one.

balls of fire1

The first floor that you step into has celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Sandra Bullock and others; it looks like you stepped into a party.  It’s fun because you get to take pictures with all kinds of celebrities.  As you walk through the maze, you go through all different kinds of celebrities, musicians and actors.  There is one floor with all the presidents (well, not all the presidents) and athletes and many more.  At the end of the walk through, there is a 4D superhero movie that all boys and girls can enjoy.  My five year old went bananas with the 4D show and loved it so much that he wanted to do it again.









My only advice to visiting the wax museum is that if you do not have to bring a stroller then it’s better not to because there is not a lot of room to maneuver a stroller.  Honestly, even that should not stop you from visiting because if I did it with a stroller then am sure you can do it too.  Don’t miss out on visiting this place!










For more information on tickets, please visit:


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Have you visited the @NYCWax museum before? If not, please share your pics here! I would love to see them.

Disclosure: Charis by Design did not receive compensation for this review.  Tickets were provided but my opinions are my own.

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  • http://www.wifemummynurse.com/ Sarah McKelvy

    I have never been to a wax museum, but if I’m ever in NYC, I’ll look this one up.

  • ParentingHealthy

    I have never visited a wax museum, but they do look like a blast!

  • http://anordinaryhousewife.com/ An Ordinary Housewife

    It’s crazy how real they look! I’ve never been to any of the wax museums, but I’ve just seen pictures.

  • http://femmefitalefitclub.com Diatta Harris

    Wax museums creep me out just a little because the folks look like alive dead people. So while I do attend, I like to stand far away. Those figures do look pretty good though.